RIP: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile Hardware And Software Are Dead Now

Microsoft executive has confirmed that the company’s business is effectively declining Windows 10 Mobile hardware and software progression. So the Redmond-based company took to Twitter to inform that it will continue to support the platform going forward, but as its showing its back also confirming that it isn’t currently on the horizon anymore, at least not at the moment.

While this was an internal decision taken by Microsoft itself suggesting that the firm has massively struggled to make any significant dent in the smartphone market, and has all but failed to actually take any market share away from iOS and Android. Similarly, how BlackBerry faced.

It turns to be seen that Windows account for a relatively paltry 1.3% of the United States smartphone market, which doesn’t actually make in the least consumer supported platform. But it does make it difficult for the financial gatekeepers at Microsoft to continually release budget to support and grow the platform One thing is main, that Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile and software platforms contain many useful features and pre-installed apps to office works and Xbox syncing.

The official tweet from Belfiore confirms the news that the company simply doesn’t intend to go down the route of building new feature rich additions into Windows 10 Mobile anymore. And also have no trending plans to start introducing new hardware to the market. If simply feels like the Windows maker is shutting down shop while the relevant departments and figureheads try to ploy which direction to go in next.

Of course we’ll continue to support the platform.. bug fixes, security updates, etc. But building new features/hw aren’t the focus.


Worry not! The company will definitely continue to ensure that Windows 10 Mobile is kept up to date with bug fixes and other security improvements as part of an effort to support those who already got their hands on it and stil using the platform.

After 7 years of the Windows Phone 7 Series arrival, today Microsoft effectively killed its own platform for good. Happy ending!

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