Rufus Cuff Is Here: Meet The Mini Tablet-sized Wearable For Your Wrist

Finally a portable tablet wearable has arrived and it is specifically designed for your wrist as a smartwatch. Dubbed Rufus Cuff, new device features a 3.2-inch screen, and since launching as an Indiegogo campaign in 2014, has also promised to be more than a smart watch.

Available to pre-order. The Rufus Cuff is really small following the current smartwatch standards, but it has a larger display. Gadget that refers to a smarter communicator rather than just a wearable. Rufus Labs, the company behind it, says its product “ends the era of the watch and ushers in the wrist communicator.”

Smartwatch now available for pre-order with a 3.2 inch display


The smart tablet watch, Rufus Cuff is also powered by a TI Cortex A9 processor, front-facing camera for pictures/video, GPS, WiFi and a 1,175mAh battery. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and equipped with dual-micrphones and built-in speakers to make voice calls and receive them.


According to Gabe Grifoni, co-founder and CEO of Rufus Labs, the wearable will appeal to many people. “It’s not just a glorified notification center, we eventually see everyone ditching their phones,” told USA Today about the difference between Rufus Cuff and smartwatches. “This will replace the need for smartphones, wallets, watches, fitness trackers, everything.”

Considering it the fact and agree to pre-order one? You can do so by paying $249 and up depending on whether you actually want a model with 16, 32, 64GB of internal storage.


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