Rumor: A Low-Cost iPhone X Version Releasing In 2018, Here Are The Details

Apple is planning to launch a new low-cost version of the 2017 iPhone X as soon as next year, as per these reports. According to the Chinese publication, United Daily News, the upcoming device will arrive before the end of 2018 and is codenamed “Hangzhou.”

For the expensive iPhone X if you are waiting, will arrive November 3rd. It will also receive a refresh with the codename “Libson.” as per the rumors.

The market is optimistic about the 2018 Apple iPhone sales performance, and it is understood that Apple will launch the iPhone X next year, with the lineup divided into high-end and low-end products, where the high-end version called “Lisbon” and the low-end version codenamed “Hangzhou.”

The somewhat affordable iPhone X would make plenty of sense depending on what the company’s plans are for the rest of its lineup. Although, there were two new iPhones, launched this year. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as the lower-end phones in the marketplace, but didn’t get any better reactions than the iPhone 7/7 Plus, which outcomes the two new less expensive iPhones. It has to look forward whether a new version of the iPhone X flagship with a lower price tag is in the works. If yes, then we could potentially be about to see the end of the previous “classic” design of iPhone.

                                 2018 iPhone X lineup concept renders by iDrop News

What the 2018 iPhone lineup will consist of already have two different sizes on the horizon – a 6.46-inch X Plus monster and an altogether more reasonable 5.28-inch option, too.

Very soon, we’ll be having better knowledge on what and how Apple is planning for the 2018 iPhone lineup, with now that the iPhone X rumors have been put to bed.

(Source: United Daily News [Google Translate])

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