Potential Specs For Apple’s Upcoming Pro Display Rumored To Offer 8K Resolution

Earlier this week Apple although promised that new iMacs with pro configurations will be available by the end of the year just before its modular Mac Pro launch. Right now, a lot of buzz surrounding Apple and the company took the unusual step of pre-announcing new Mac hardware this week. While Apple didn’t share exactly what we might see in these new iMacs, one source believes it may have an idea about what to expect including other new hardware.

Apple Thunderbolt Display 2

Coming from Pike’s Universum cites a “usually pretty accurate” source in sharing what the new iMacs could offer. In fact, Apple already confirmed that a new monitor is one the way, but the blog has today given us some interesting information beyond the expectations on the fact that it is being worked on.

“Good news folks. I am told, by a little bird, that the next iMac (to be released in late October) will be available with (up to) Intel E3-1285 v6 processor with 16 GB (upgradable to 32 or 64 GB) ECC memory. Faster NVMe SSD’s possibly up to 2 TB and AMD graphics to support VR and Pro apps. Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C gen 2 with… tada… a brand new keyboard.”

Apple Retina iMacs

Accordingly, Apple is set to re-enter the display market with not just a new 4K offering, rather should be capable of an 8K resolutions, Displays using panels that can display 8K images are only just beginning to reach the market and the thinking of Apple jumping straight back into the display wheel game at 8K rather than the more mainstream 4K is an intriguing one now.


Apple is also working on 8K display for the next generation Mac Pro’s, which by the way will be much more like a PC with the next generation EFI BIOS.

Thunderbolt Display 1

The blog did not gave any details as to pricing and availability of the said display, but nevertheless, Apple said that it will be available this side of the new year.

Existing 8K displays cost around $5,000 to buy, and the fact here is clear, if any display of that mock made and sold by Apple will be at least that expensive, if not more than that. Last year’s LG 5K resolution display monitors didn’t get that considerable hype, while Apple’s displays were never inexpensive prior to its decision not to offer one for sale of late. And we don’t see much chance that anything will change in that regard when this new 8K display goes on sale sometime next year.

And for the Mac mini, which Apple briefly acknowledged this week, there’s this teaser:

The next Mac mini won’t be so mini anymore. Well. The top model that is.

(Source: Pike’s Universum)

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