Apple Is Working On ARM-Based Touchscreen Hybrid Computer [U] With Built-In LTE [Report]

There’s an internal Apple project codenamed “Star” which could eventually give us an idea behind the ARM-based Mac running macOS, or an iOS-powered notebook that could take Apple’s mobile platform beyond mobile devices, or something entirely different.

Today we have received exclusive information on Apple’s secret project as is working on a lightweight machine running an ARM processor promising to offer the best of both macOS and iOS. Apple’s own Mac hardware has been built and issued into the public domain complete with Intel processors for more than a decade.

A lot of attention being paid to reports that Apple plans on bridging its macOS and iOS apps in a bigger way, with some speculating that, someday, Apple may simply have applications available for all of its platforms for a unified user experience across devices.

Something that this rumor details about to be believed. From a mobile device perspective, Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, as well as things like Apple TV, have already been using Apple’s in-house designed processors for a long while now. Project Star – coming with the internal codename N84 – could be that which replaces either one of those two situations, or it could be something entirely different. For once, it seems that there is a real ability to keep a secret.

It sounds like Apple could be at least building devices to test a future where that’s reality and not just a hypothetical situation. According to the report by 9to5Mac, project star – is currently in the early (prototyping) stages with one of Apple’s manufacturing partners, Pegatron, based in China. The report also claims which could be the company’s first iOS-based notebook or the first Mac-branded device with an ARM-based processor under the hood. Or “something completely different.”

In fact, it’s also being suggested that a small number of these prototypes have also been shipped to Cupertino for a select few Apple employees to test and provide feedback on.

According to the publication, the device, which is rumored water resistant, features built-in LTE connectivity, has a touchscreen, and uses Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI, which is what Apple uses on Macs), is being produced right now Apple supply partner. With prototypes now being circulated within Apple campus for employees to test.

In terms of the overall use case and function of the device, not much is currently known. However, it’s being said that the device comes with a touchscreen, a SIM card slot, GPS, and internal compass will offer water resistance, and comes equipped with the boot system currently used on Macs.

The report indicates that the device which is in testing may see a shipping date in 2020. With the information next leads people to believe that this could be an ARM-based Mac set to hit shelves by 2020, effectively dropping its reliance on Intel for processors, by 2020.

Those aforementioned dates would line up, so it’s possible that project Star is the first ARM-based Mac. It’s also wonderfully intriguing when companies like Apple have secretive internal projects in place.

However, if this is an ARM-based Mac or even an iOS-powered notebook, it would be interesting to see what Apple produces from a touchscreen perspective and how it’s received by the general public.

Update x1: Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says N84 is Apple’s low-cost iPhone model with iPhone X-like design.

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