Rumor: Google Working On Two New Nexus-Branded Android Wear Smartwatches

As we know by know that Google is working on bringing two new Nexus smartphones to the market this year, a new report surfaced claiming the company is also planning to introduce a couple of smartwatches as well. The same report suggests that the Nexus brand may even be used for the two timepieces, and they will both have some sort of integration with Google Assistant.

Unnamed sources citing, the report claims that the said two wrist-wearables are set to be announced after the new Nexus smartphones, with one device being of a larger body with features such as GPS and LTE built in while a smaller one will likely coming without those features but be substantially smaller in order to appeal to those who don’t actually want a bulky smartwatch on their wrist.

Although the two biggies Apple and Motorola have already sold multiple size of their own likes of smartwatches and for good reason. Not everyone want the same size device strapped to their wrist, and if Google is thinking about something like that, it’s been working on two designs in order to offer choice to its customers, it will be very interesting to see what limitations will be placed upon the smaller watch. What hardware will it have to make do without, or will the larger of the two simply be so large that it can pack all of which we expect of a smartwatch and more?

Indeed, Google is pretty clever and it senses customers mind in all angles, though. Both smartwatches are expected to be round with no flat tire effect this time around. The larger of the two, believed to be codenamed Anglefish, is believed to be aesthetically very similar to the current Moto 360 device that is one sale now.

With that said, the company behind smartwatch OS is also planning on supplementing those two Nexus devices with new smartwatches and HTC Sailfish and Marlin are those to debut this year alongside the wearables and Android 7.0 Nougat.

It’s possible that this will be more aimed at fitness enthusiasts than fashionistas with a more sporty look than its smaller brother. To that end, health monitoring is expected to be front and center for Anglefish.

The smaller device, codenamed Swordfish, is believed to look a little like the Pebble Time Round, if it’s more refined. With a single button and a delicate design more akin to the likes of Apple atch than some of the Android Wear watches we have endured over the years, it’s likely that Swordfish will be better looking of the both, but with a lack of sensors and radios being the price users will have to pay for an altogether smaller package.


In this case to accuracy, the source seems more confident that it is at this point. We wouyldn’t be at all surprised to see two new smartwatches come to market in the way outlined here, but less sure that they will feature the Nexus name. Reasons apart for Google to bring a new product under the name at this point. Unless of course the Nexus brand is going to be around for quite a while yet!

(source: AndroidPolice)

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