iOS 11 Rumors: Bring Automatic Low Power Mode, Make FaceTime Audio Calling As Default, More

What extremely hot topic of discussion is Apple’s iPhone 8, and of course not forget that we will receive an introduction to iOS 11 in about five weeks time now.

According to a new rumor, iOS 11 features FaceTime Audio calls as default, and could also make use of an advanced Low Power Mode in order to save battery life as well. Here are some of the expected and speculated details to know about.

iOS 11 features
It is the fact that we will get hands-on with the Apple’s 1-th anniversary device in time of its launch this fall, before that we all being iOS device owners receiving the latest version of iOS 11 from Apple. About iOS 11 to date, we heard a fair bit and this latest report suggests that Apple could introduce a new, intelligent Low Power Mode, alongside making changes to how users contact one another with FaceTime Audio becoming the default calling option. Nothing is official as yet, but rumors playing its part right now to accept the conjuring facts.

There have been privy of multiple rumors pertaining to iOS 11. Some of that reportedly speaking of dates nearby as far back as the initial iOS 10 release, so given the actual reality that it’s all persisting would seem to suggest that it has some basis in truth. With only five weeks to go until we get an overview of iOS 11, as well as an initial developer beta seed, Reddit user cyanhat has put down some thoughts on what developers can expect from the iOS 11 beta pre-release seed to get access to when that initial build drops next month at WWDC.

He tells us:

You’ll be able to try these new features on iOS 11 (beta comes out in June):

Group FaceTime video calling with up to 5 people.

Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay. Apple is completely revamping the Wallet app (renaming it to Pay) and adding social functionality. There will be a social feed, just like Venmo. The new Pay app will also have an iMessage extension that allows you to send cash via iMessage.

FaceTime Audio is going to become the default calling method for iPhone users. Meaning if you call any iPhone user, it will automatically use FaceTime Audio so that you can enjoy a crisp, high quality calling experience. If you call a non-iOS phone, it will fallback to the older cellular calling technology (the one that is currently standard and sounds terrible).

Intelligent, automatic low power mode. It will study your low power mode habits (how often and when you turn it on) and adapt to that schedule. It will also be location and context based. For example, if you leave your home wifi network and have 20% or less, it will turn on low power mode automatically.

The group video calling via FaceTime experience has been talked about a fair bit in the recent times. As has the ability to introduce peer-to-peer payments using Apple Pay, albeit this was initially thought to be through an iMessage extension rather than an entire overhaul of the existing Wallet app. The interesting part on predictions is the fact that FaceTime Audio could apparently become the default calling choice, meaning that if an iPhone user calls another iPhone user, then that call would essentially be routed over the data or WiFi network rather than via the cellular radio.

Within the next few weeks we all get an idea on what Apple planning to add to its latest version of Software Update, iOS 11. It’s only matter of time to wait now to witness if this latest leak has any basis in reality. It could happen: iOS 11 Firmware May Not Support 32-Bit Apps, Hints iOS 10.3 Beta

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