Rumor: iPhone 7 Hard Specs To Include Intel LTE Chips With Download Speeds Of Up To 450Mbps

It seems like Apple may be moving to install an Intel LTE chips in its upcoming iPhone 7 smartphone. As a new report has surfaced providing a small amount of insight into the potential supply chain of LTE chips intended for use within Apple’s new iPhone. More details on this rumor can be had right after this jump.

Intel will be responsible for the provision of up to 50-percent of the faster LTE chips that will be packed inside iPhone 7. However, this newly emerged report is currently unconfirmed, but does tie in rather nicely with recent speculation about the potential for Qualcomm to lose one of its biggest accounts to a rival company.

News comes from a source that isn’t very particular on “Intel to supply up to 50% of faster LTE chips gor iPhone 7”, that too manufactured by TSMC and KYEC, for the series expected to launch in September, according to DigiTimes.


From the past, Apple’s current LTE chip supplier Qualcomm previously hinted that it would be losing LTE modem orders from one of its major customers to one of its leading competitors, which nevertheless, points towards Apple, Intel combination.

Until now, we’ve already been privy to a number of rumors – dating back as far as early 2015 – suggesting Apple moving away from using Qualcomm as a supplier of LTE chips for its iPhone hardware. It now looks like as though that major customer is Apple, and the rival is Intel. Sources suggesting that Intel will be looking to enlist the manufacturing and testing expertise of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and King Yuan Electronics to manufacture and put the chips through quality assurance.

Intel will itself package the modem chips for the upcoming new iPhones, but have contracted Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and tester King Yuan Electronics (KYEC) to manufacture the chips

.Very unlikely that either Apple or Intel will move to publicly confirm their new partnership, but the speculation does suggest that it’;s a legitimate move to a new supplier. CLSA Securities analyst has previously issued a research note this year suggesting that Intel had secured a “significant portion” of orders for faster LTE chips for next-generation devices. Those chips may find themselves iPhone 7 bound could offer theoritical download speeds of uo to 450Mbps, with uplink speeds up to 100Mbps, and support for LTE category 10 and 29 LTE bands overall.

Technically, if the iPhone 7 does ship with these faster Intel LTE chips, then it could introduce faster download speeds and more efficient web browsing, as well as improved streaming media over cellular from services like Hulu or Netflix.

(Source: DigiTimes)

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