Rumor: iPhone 8 Details Are Out Of Control, Coming With AirPods, Stereo Sound, Improved Waterproofing

A new report suggest the iPhone 8 will feature a radical design, and the iPhone 7s is on track for the new iPhones unveil, and also the rumors are not going to die very soon, so we may as well embrace it. Also claims that the next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 8 is released it could be shipped with an accessory that currently costs over £150 on the Apple Store. And more to be offered as well, which what this analysts have now made some additional predictions about Apple’s upcoming iPhone. Here are the details.

After a relative period of silence, JP Morgan have made these predictions that suggesting iPhone 8 could ship with an “enhanced audio receiver”, better stereo sound, and possibly IP68 waterproofing. On and the AirPods will be bundled in-box as standard.

The most noticeable feature about the iPhone 7 was its lack of headphone jack which got people talking of and predicting some thought it was an outrage, which was short-lived and the iPhone 7 proved to be as popular as previous devices. The AirPods were the answer to stripping away the headphone jack and went on sale as wireless headphones.

Now, there are plenty of speculations on Apple’s next iPhone, albeit 10th anniversary iPhone, including multiple sources claiming the improvements that will be made from a hardware perspective. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that any analyst or well-placed individual has made suggestions regarding an improved receiver in order to dramatically enhance the sound output and quality over the existing iPhone 7 edge.

The analysts have come to this conclusion by keeping an eye on Apple’s Asia-Pacific supply chain, but haven’t gone into specific details on the audio improvements that could potentially be achieved with this new receiver integration. It’s reasonable to assume that any change in internal component would at least allow the device to ship with a higher maximum volume output.

In this case, iPhone 8 is also said to come without a headphone jack which makes sense for Apple to box the headphones with the phone as having to shell out another £150 just to listen to music might detract potential buyers.

Additionally, that said Apple could be gearing itself up to ship each purchased iPhone 8 bundled with a set of truly wireless AirPods in the package. JP Morgan believes Apple could solve any current inventory issues with AirPods in time to actually include them with each iPhone 8 purchase.

As for the iPhone 8 itself, the device is somewhat rumored to feature a glass body, a curved OLED display, a touch-sensitive digital button, a dual-lens camera and wireless charging. Moreover, it also suggesting that the device will utilize an iPhone 4s design of sorts with a stainless-steel frame sandwiched between slabs of glass. For the display, we’re told that while the iPhone 8 will have a bezel-less 5.8-inch OLED display and upper part however will sport a slim bezel.

Interestingly, these are definitely great claims, especially the AirPods one. A bundled pair of AirPods could sit very well with prospective consumers who were looking to buy iPhone 8 when its launched. Even now the estimated shipping date is sitting at approximately six weeks, which doesn’t actually bode well for a company looking to box this particular accessory up with millions of devices, blighted the AirPods experience.

(Via: 9to5Mac, Top image: iPhone 8 concept video)

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