Rumor: New iPhone 7 May Include Flush 3D Touch-Sensitive Home Button

When we consider a little more of rumors about upcoming products, Mac Otakara‘s past success rate is sketchy, but that doesn’t actually mean its latest claim can be immediately discounted. Rather interesting claim, with the one outlet reporting that the iPhone 7 will not feature the familiar Home button that has adorned all iPhones before it, instead opting it for both a touch-based button rather than a physical one.

Exactly how a home button would be flush with the body of the iPhone and would not actually depress when a finger is placed on it. For instance, when a user presses on the home button, haptic feedback will mimic a press, much like the Force Touch trackpad on Apple’s most recent MacBooks. However, the iPhone users will feel the sensation of pressing on a button even though there’s no actual button to press.

In fact, it’s so good that many people refuse to believe that the trackpad does not feature a physical button and never actually moves. If similar technology was to be used on an iPhone, we can obviously expect it to work well. This same history that we heard about the same home button from DigiTimes and analysts at Cowen and Company, suggesting that there may be some smoke to go with this particular fire.

A flush home button, when combined with rumors of improved waterproofing and the removal of the iconic 3.5mm headphone jack, makes some sense. Without a physical button, there would be now way of water to get into the internals of the hardware around the button, and it would also improve the reliability of the Touch ID system.

Based on some of the leaked part images, the removal of the home button will not drastically change the look of the iPhone 7. Apple is expected to announce it in September with a release date penciled in for the middle of the month.

Should Apple remove the physical button in favor of a Force Touch or 3D Touch home button in the iPhone 7 is in question. Well, the company will one step closer to eliminating the home button entirely, something that’s rumored for the 2017 iPhone.

Make it happen, Apple!


(Source: Mac Otakara [Google Translate] | Top image: iPhone 7 concept render by Martin Hajek)

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