Apple Rumored To Launch New iPod touch 64-bit, Nano and Shuffle On July 14th

Do you believe that Apple is planning to release a refreshed iPod touch, as well as the iPod nano and iPod shuffle portable media players, with the oft-mentioned devices due for a big announcement just four days from now – around July 14.

New iPod touch 64-bit, Nano And Shuffle Launching On July 14th?
The new report cliams that and been made by French publishing whose track record in revealing such info has been pretty decent so far. Suggesting that the new iPod touch (codenamed “N102”) should be a more significant update, likely including a bump to a 64-bit A-based processor, while the iPod nano (“N31A”) and iPod shuffle (“N12D”) may be refreshed with new colors only that were spotted earlier in iTunes 12.2 – blue, green, and a new bright pink color. After digging around in the iTunes resources files – MacRumors however has discovered the following colors for the three iPod devices: silver, space gray, red, bright pink, deep blue and light gold. Thanks!

Beyond that nothing said regarding an increase in the 4-inch display of the iPod touch is a must to qualify as a significant update, but it is unlikely given that it could affect iPhone sales as well due to lower price point. Interesting part here is Apple heads to with the storage options, especially for the iPod touch, after credible sources have confirmed that the Cupertino camp is bumping up the baseline storage for the entry-level iPhone 6s to 32GB.

Notably, a few eagle-eyed readers noticed that the Calendar app on the iPod touch displays “Tuesday” and “14,” which lines up with Tuesday, July 14 and information shared by‘s sources.

Although iPod touch has received a significant upgrade back in 2012 when the iPhone 5 was announced. But over the years, Apple’s famed music device has slowly and steadily gone into the zone of obvilion, thanks to the new iPhones and their larger displays that carry more appeal than previous-gen devices.

Apple must release iPod touch, shuffle and Nano portable devices for music streaming, because its time to spread its Apple Music to the world with its affordable playstations. As for the supposed announcement date, looking closely at the image, you will find the display of the iPod touch reading the date on the Calendar app.

Since iPod touch sales have been increasingly tousling in the past few years, and reports surfaced claiming that Apple may cease production of its once popular portable media player after it killed the iPod classic’s production only recently. Who knows that Apple was working on a refreshed version of iPod touch thereafter. Today’s report apparently brings hope to those who have been patiently waiting for a new iPod model. Within a week left to find out what actually Apple plans for its iPod lineup. Hold off from buying any new iPod now and just wait till next week as refreshed iPod models on its way, hitting the store shelves and be on sale soon.

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