Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Blessed With 6.3-Inch Screen

Samsung is still blessed with the glory of a successful Galaxy S8 launch and its share but eyes have already turned to the next big thing to come out of the company, not before the end of 2017, likely to be the Galaxy Note 8. Here are the details.

Not exactly confirmed that there will be a new Note 8 this year following the ill-fated mess with the Galaxy Note 7, rumors so far have suggested that fans of the Note line can look further to one at some point in this year.

We already had our look at first few leaks about the unannounced smartphone, oddly though, things are starting to gather pace on the front. Another post on Weibo claims that the new Galaxy Note 8 will come packed with a 6.3-inch display, likely with an 8.5:9 aspect ratio that will resemble that of the recently available Galaxy S8. If that screen size matters more though, the usually massive Galaxy Note will be a mere 0.1-inches larger than the Galaxy S8+ when it comes to screen real estate, something that has been unknown until this year’s releases.

The Galaxy Note 8 will differentiate itself in other ways as well, starting with the S-Pen stylus the line is so well acknowledged for.

Taking stylus, rumors also suggesting that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a new dual-camera system that will allow it to rival or even best Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus in the photography department, although it is also believed that this setup may arrive on the so-called Galaxy X before the Galaxy Note 8 comes to market.

                               Galaxy Note 8 concept renders by Benjamin Geskin

It looks increasingly likely that there will be at least one more flagship phone coming out of Samsung this year, already mentioned about the refurbished Galaxy Note 7R recently, hitting the shelves very soon alongside the Samsung Z4 Tizen OS 3.0 smartphone.

Let’s hope this one, called Galaxy Note 8 battery on the inside doesn’t explode. Stay tuned!

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