Samsung Is Reportedly Making AirPods-Like Wireless Earbuds With Galaxy S8

Surprise comes suddenly, as it looks like as though Samsung is planning on taking inspiration from Apple’s extremely well-received AirPods in an effort to launch a similar product alongside 2017’s Galaxy S8 smartphone.

New reports also suggesting that Samsung is unlikely to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the yet-unannounced Galaxy S8. Rumored previously that it will still make it entirely possible to use wired headphones, but will also take the opportunity to release a proposition similar in functionality to Apple’s W1 chip-powered AirPods as it looks to embrace the popularity of the wireless era.

Rumored Galaxy S8 AirPods
No clear is that whether or not the Korean firm would look to directly copy what Apple has produced with the AirPods, both in terms of visual product design and how the AirPods actually function thanks to the integrated Apple W1 chip. This powerful chipset allows for a seamless connection to all iOS devices with a single-tap, as well as purposefully created for displaying additional information about the headphones on the device itself, such as battery state and whether or not they are charging in the accompanying case. The chip itself helps in increased range and battery life.

Reminder, Samsung already has its own wireless earphones in the form of the Gear IconX since June 2016. They cost around the $199.99 mark, but they don’t go as far as offering the same streamlined design or enhanced functionality that Apple is now offering with the AirPods.

However, it doesn’t come as a biggest surprise that Samsung, and other corporations for that matter, are looking at designing and releasing something similar to Apple’s AirPods, but the real test will be whether or not Samsung looks to release a product that’s actually designed in its own vision, or whether it simply copies Apple’s lead.

These rumored turly-wireless and enhanced earphones should be an exciting proposition for those who purchase Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones. In that case, the company’s recent acquisition of Harman International Industries puts it in a perfect stage to release a wireless audio product that offers enhanced sound quality utilizing the expertise of that business and its technologies.

Another question still there that also remains unanswered. Whether this new product will be offered in the box with every Galaxy S8, or sold as a seperate accessory like how Apple’s AirPods introduced.

(Source: SamMobile)

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