Rumored Apple Watch 2 Features Leaked; Said To Have FaceTime Camera, Expanded Wi-Fi Capabilities and New Models

Reports say that Apple is working on the Apple Watch 2, would be carrying a bunch of new inclusions and capabilities, including less dependance on the iPhone. Apple on the other hand rumored to be tentatively pursing new features for the second-gen Apple Watch. If that is to be believed, then you must read the full story about this, right below.

Although Apple’s new werable hit retail stores yesterday and now, according to this source, the new Apple Watch 2 may pack a new FaceTime camera and even more wireless capabilities that doesn’t require a connected iPhone in vicinity to work. New premium-priced models are also on the cards in addition to the existing Sport, Steel, and Edition ones. Apparently include the use of new materials such as titanium, palladium, and quite possibly platinum as well.

The report claims the so-called “Apple Watch 2” is likely to be introduced in 2016 following the release of WatchOS 2 and native Apple Watch apps in the fall. With the roll out of watchOS 2 beta to developers, Apple has already added the support to answer FaceTime Audio calls, but the team at Cupertino is now looking to integrate a new FaceTime enabled camera in the front of the device to enable users to make and receive calls right from their wrist, which can be built into the Watch’s top bezel.

Apple is said to add new features to its second-generation Apple Watch with expanded Wi-Fi capabilities, and a new WiFi chip inside the Apple Watch 2 will indeed expand the wrist-worn device’s iPhone-free WiFi capabilities for basic tasks, possibily including text messaging, emailing and up-to-date weather data. This could also give life to the new GPS-based Find my Watch feature that had been circling the rumor mill for some time. Notably, the new wireless chipset will also enable Find my Watch for tracking a lost, stolen or mislaced Apple Watch using Wi-Fi router.

However Apple Watch isn’t 100% iPhone independant, and for the most part this will remain true with Watch 2 as well but, “Apple intends to integrate a new and more dynamic wireless chipset into the wearableā€¯ to enable more features to work over WiFi than what is possible today on Watch with watchOS 1 or even the upcoming watchOS 2. Gaining several new features, the next Apple Watch (2) will likely have a similar Battery life as the original model.

Apple Watch running watchOS 2
Apple Watch running watchOS 2

Despite that interestingly, the battery life will not be improving by much in the new second-gen Apple Watch, and it’s because it can’t be done, and Apple feels that current Watch users are pretty much satisfied with the existing standby time, allowing Apple engineers to focus their efforts on other areas besides battery improvements.

The Mac maker also believes that even with the addition of the new features, it will be able to tweak and optimize the Watch 2 to push out more or less the same battery life as found on the current Apple Watch model. And that said, in an effort to attract customers at price points between $1,000 and $10,000, exploring different Apple Watch variations beyond the Sport, Watch, and Edition models.

Apple Watch 2 is undoubtedly to be launched before 2016 according to the 9to5Mac report, which cites Apple’s prototype variations and testing. Buy the current Watch model right now as the current model is only 2 months pld and the next rumored one isn’t due at least until same time next year.

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