Rumors Indicate iPhone SE 2 Launch With Wireless Charging Set For 2018

Recent reports suggest that Apple is working on an updated entry-level new phone, aiming to release an iPhone SE 2 launch in summer of 2018. Here are the details you really want and need to know about.

The predictions regarding the iPhone SE 2 launch comes courtesy of Digitimes Research analyst Luke Lin. According to his report, the new successor to the existing iPhone SE will launch in time for Summer of 2018 and also include the same kind of glass back found on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Lin believes that the successor to Apple’s more affordable 64-bit phone will feature a glass back similar to what above mentioned iPhone line, which suggests the capability for wireless charging, too. Meaning that this technology will allow the same wireless charging capabilities, but there will be no 3D sensing (3D Touch and Face ID) capabilities as found on the expensive iPhone X.

Given the fact that Apple is working on rolling out wireless charging to their other devices, we wouldn’t be surprised if the feature comes standard with their upcoming releases – even with iPhone SE 2 launch being a mid-range offering. Lin believes that the wireless charging will come standard, but he also suggests that the 3D sensing functionality of the iPhone X will be notably absent from the phone.

Predictions for that comes from a source that has previously proven itself to be hit and miss when it comes to getting predictions right. Though DigiTimes does have a track record thanks to its supply chain contacts, the Research has been less accurate in the past, leaving us less than convinced about what Lin claims to be on the horizon for the iPhone SE’s replacement.

For the entry-level sector, Apple is preparing a new inexpensive smartphone similar to the iPhone SE for 2018, featuring the wireless charging functionality, but not 3D sensing. The smartphone will begin mass production in the second quarter with the official launch in May or June, Lin noted.

DigiTimes is purely based in Taiwan and has had mixed results when it comes to reporting on Apple product plans. So it’s very-well important to keep in mind that the rumors of the iPhone SE 2 launch are not yet confirmed. But there is chance and definitely room for a more affordable iPhone model.

Traditionally, Apple’s phones have been priced in a way that made them inaccessible to the majority of the smartphone market. While the U.S. generally offers the ability to lease a phone, making a near $1000 price-tag more palatable for many customers through AT&T, T-Mobile and other carriers, and many people around the world can’t afford to buy such a phone outright and have no access to a leasing plan. In that situation, the iPhone SE 2 launch would add another smartphone to the mix which, while not exactly expensive, giving more people access to the iOS ecosystem.

Still, the inclusion of wireless charging but not 3D Touch and Face ID, does make sense given the price point, so we will stop short of mock the claim just yet.

Apple also hasn’t revamped the iPhone SE since the initial introduction back in March of 2016. Has not refreshed the SE since it was originally launched in 2016, so it is overdue an update. Rumors playing their part in the scenario this year, which have already circulated, and an update does look increasingly likely for 2018.

What we know about iPhone SE 2

As far as the specifications of the iPhone SE 2 go, we don’t even know too much, but details line up with a roughly 4-inch iPhone SE 2 launch with a glass back. Quite what that update will look like, and what features it will process, remains to be seen hereafter.

Despite lower prices, however, it’s likely that the iPhone SE 2 launch will be significantly more expensive than comparable Android phones. The upcoming iPhone SE 2 launch would feature a phone with an A10 Fusion chip, 2GB of RAM, and between 32GB and 128GB storage capacities. While the battery capacity would also be slightly more than the original SE variant, with a 1700mAh unit.

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