iPhone 8 Rumors: The Bezel-Less iPhone With Dual Camera Could Feature Dual OIS

Apple has its own plans for 2017 iPhone range, with glass body and edge-to-edge OLED display that includes an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor and front-facing camera. Everything we know thus far is here about the upcoming iPhone 8.

With faster A11 processor, Apple is far beyond expanding its new iPhone marketing with a glass body, dual camera system, no Home button, Wireless Charging and of course, be available in three models – one with OLED, two of which would be standard variants.


Next year Apple’s iPhone marks the 10th anniversary and indeed planning to focus on something major to celebrate the occasion. Almost ten months away from the launch of the iPhone 8, but there are already an abundance of rumors hinting at the impressive features coming in 2017 iPhone.

Suggesting, it’s going to be a radical redesign, with edgeless display that does away with the top and bottom bezels where feature additions like Touch ID and the Selfie-focused camera are housed. Rumored that, Touch ID and the camera may be built directly into the display, making no choice of Home button. Design-wise, the display would take up the entire front of the iPhone, but it isn’t clear if the display will grow to fit the iPhone or the iPhone will be shrunken down to fit the display.

If the rumors we heard about the new iPhone 8 is to be believed, then, Apple might be using a 5.5-inch or larger display. The display itself is said to be flexible OLED rather than an LCD, allowing Apple to introduce a thinner device that consumes less power and offers a better display with higher contrast ratio and color gamut as well. In this case it may also feature edges that are somewhat curved on both sides, but rumors are unclear on this speculation.


It seems like Apple is finally going to move away from the aluminum used in the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, and SE, instead re-adopting a glass body that’s similar to that one used in the iPhone 4. According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the glass will be built around an aluminum or stainless steel frame. At least one iPhone to come in 2017 will use a glass body.

The iPhone 8 is also expected to have a 10-nanometer A11 chip inside that will be both faster and more efficient. Long-range wireless charging is also in the cards, as biometric additions like iris and facial scanning as well. In higher-end models with a dual-lens camera, both lenses are expected to garner optical image stabilization.

The three models of OLED iPhone 8 includes a “Premium” version that will perhaps be sold alongside standard flat display 4.7, 5 and 5.5-inch 2017 models, but it is unclear exactly what two sizes will be available and in what configurations.

It is also claimed that the next-generation iPhone could support Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on both the camera modules. Said that, the purported iPhone 8 will have OIS tech on both sides including the telephoto lens.

The iPhone 8 is still under development and will likely to go live officially in the fall of 2017. Specifications of the device are in and out without any confirmation. Stay tuned to grab more information on this Cupertino-based iGadget.


Ming-Chi Kuo in a research note said:

We believe Apple will add OIS function to the telephoto CCM in order to enhance the selling points of next year’s new iPhone. We think photo quality and optical zoom range may both improve as a result. We expect the telephoto lens will be redesigned to support OIS in the telephoto CCM, with challenges likely coming from (1) the need to increase the image circle of the telephoto lens, which will lead to longer calibration time and a more complex assembly processes; and (2) a redesign of the telephoto lens, as an increased image circle will result in degraded photo quality around the corners.

Kuo also said that the rumored 5.1″-5.2″ OLED iPhone models and a new 5.5″ iPhone with a traditional LCD display will feature dual cameras with dual optical image stabilization, whereas the new 4.7-inch model to be coming with an LCD display, expected to retain a single-lens camera, and also with OIS technology.

(Source: MacRumors)

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