Samsung Upgrades The Chromebook Plus With A Second Camera, New Processor, Nothing More

There are some of best Chromebooks you can buy right now with a longer battery life, great keyboards, speedy performance, and at an affordable price. But today, we are somewhat speaking about Samsung’s changes made to its Chromebook models.

Samsung announced the second-generation of its Chromebook Plus will include a few upgrades like a second camera and a new processor. And when we look forward into what’s has been changed and other things, the Samsung Chromebook Plus (V2) doesn’t stray too far from the size and style of the original model – available in early 2017.

The new upgraded Plus model can still switch between laptop and tablet modes, which otherwise, comes with a built-in pen that doesn’t actually require any charging for sketching and note taking on the go.

The biggest change you’ll see is to the processor – is switching from an ARM-based chip to an Intel one. While the original Chromebook Plus used an ARM-based chipset in order to help it run Android apps during the early days of Android support on Chrome OS.

The ARM processor has been the only real defining feature between the Plus and the Pro versions of Chromebook, which were announced alongside each other early last year. The Chromebook Pro featured the slightly more heavy-duty Intel Core processor, whereas this new Plus model will feature an Intel processor as well but from the lower-end Celeron line. The chip should be faster, but unfortunately, it may not run Android apps as well.

No official announcement has been made on whether an upgraded Pro model is arriving. We may not see an upgrade there if this is the only change coming to the Plus model, and if it does, the difference would have to be something more significant.

Other changes you may find with the new Chromebook Plus model would be a second rear-facing 13MP f/1.9 camera – it will be added alongside the 1-megapixel front-facing one for video chatting with family, friends, or clients, There’s a dedicated microSD card reader for extra storage and two USB-C ports with 4K display output capabilities. The 12.2-inch screen has a full 1080p display, and the computer will be able to run for about eight hours on a single charge.

The Chromebook Plus (V2) will be available to purchase at Best Buy starting June 24 for $499.99.

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