Samsung’s Connect Auto Dongle Brings New Era Of 4G LTE Data To Your Car

Connected to your racing car or a sedan now or want to be automatically with LTE data, Samsung ushers in a new era of driving experience with its new Connect Auto dongle. Already seen the explosion of smartphones and the meteoric sise of tablets in the past six years. Accompained with the likes of Apple and Samsung creations of a whole new segment of products with wearables and hardware like the Apple Watch, and Samsung recently introduced flagships, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, and of course witnessed the launch of Samsung Gear 360 VR camera. Now that it shows up the smart phone with home automation products, followed closely by new, smart vehicles as well by the likes of Tesla and others. Nevertheless, it seems like we’re also about to welcome in the arena of smarter vehicle tech thanks to the new Samsung Connect Auto hardware.

Samsung’s Connect Auto isn’t directly intended to compete with overty intelligent vehicles that specifically been designed and built with the modern era in mind. Introduction of Connect Auto by Samsung intended to bring 4G connectivity to the vehicles by making use of the OBD-II Diagnostics port. The Tizen OS-powered LTE dongle will instantly be able to turn the vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing drivers connect to additional devices for seamless Internet access whiilst on the move. Samsung will also be issuing a neet little “Find My Car” app in the forthcoming that will allow owners to find their automobile by utilizing the positional data of the dongle.

The wireless functionality also extends beyond simple 4G LTE connectivity by making use of the intended purpose of the OBD-II Diagnostics port. The Samsung Connect Auto will also be able to monitor fuel consumption and distances traveled per journey to give a quick idea to driver of how they are driving and how come the vehicle is performing, a feature that isn’t exactly new, but one that older vehicles do lack that. The built-in “virtual machine” can also instantly provide real-time stats and alerts to the user in the event of a vehicle needing a checkup or a requirement for maintenance.

It can improve your driving habits, too. The adapter promotes safer driving habits (including through insurance partnerships), keeps tabs on, help you find your parked car and alerts your contacts if you’re ever involved in an accident. Clever! Connect Auto will be available internationally, but may time a little time to release to reach your corner of the globe.

The Connect Auto is secured by Samsung’s own KNOX technology, and will be available in the United States with support for AT&T as the network provider during the second quarter of 2016.

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