Samsung Flow Download For Android Released, Apple’s Continuity Rippoff Now Available For Galaxy Customers

What is Samsung Flow? Actually, it is essentially a rippoff of Apple’s Continuity – introduced last year, now released a public beta by Samsung as its own feature called Samsung Flow. Allows users start a task on one device, and later be able to pick it up and continue from another. Flawlessly!


The Samsung Flow service is pretty similar to what Apple offering with their Continuity feature. Unlike Appleā€™s solution, Samsung Flow is not entirely as seamless as the latter, in the sense that users will have to Flow exactly what activity is needed to the transferred to a connected device and which one for that matter as well. Basically Flow allows transition of apps and other activities from one device to another, but the other device have to also support the app as well.

Overall, this particular differentiation could be a welcomed feature. For users who like to remain in control of their work on devices, if? Using the Android Sharing functionality, Samsung Flow can be set up on Samsung devices, in some cases a dedicated Flow button can also be found.

According to Samsung itself, all you have to do is tell Flow which device do you want to transfer the activity on, and later the running activity should pop up on the connected device immediately. Point to be noted, is that compatibility of apps is concering with most of them. As per Samsung, Flow should be af oft-mentioned should be compatible with most apps out there, but adds that developers can add specific support to their offerings to push in ways of resuming an activity app.

Could be possible: It appears that ongoing video chats can also be deffered to another device without any sort of error (inturruption using Flow).

No more preffering transfers, and only need yet another route, Flow also offers a bookmarking like feature which essentially allows you to marj what you were doing in an app so that you can pick it up from there later on. Samsung may be planning to expand its Flow to the desktop computers as well – at least that’s what the promo video from the company suggests to.

Here’s the list of Samsung Flow compatible with the latest Samsung Android devices:

  • Galaxy S5, S6, and S6 Edge
  • Galaxy Alpha
  • Note 4 and Note Edge
  • Galaxy Tab S

The current public beta of Flow is available to download, will slowly roll out the app and its features to other devices as well as regions across the world.

You can download Samsung Flow for your compatible device from here.

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