Samsung To Tease Foldable Galaxy X Just After The Release Of iPhone XS Next Week

We have been hearing rumors on Samsung’s Galaxy X – an always-on display featuring foldable smartphone, which today has given or tipped something about its unusual launch details. The world is waiting for Apple’s next and 2018 iPhones release, which is taking place on September 12 at Apple Park. So why Samsung getting ready to upstage the Cupertino company by taking the wraps off of its own device. Here are the details.

At the center of many rumors over the last year or so, the Galaxy X would be the Samsung’s first attempt at a foldable smartphone. It is something that has been confirmed to be in the works by South Korean firm’s mobile division head DJ Koh, although Samsung release schedules are hard to come by.

Samsung executive claims we'll have foldable phones by 2019

The same man, however, also told CNBC that Samsung may be readying to show off a foldable phone at its Samsung Developer Conference in November – just weeks after Apple’s new iPhones arrive and go on sale.

He also said previously that the Galaxy X could be ready for retail as soon as the end of this year, 2018. Although 2019 is more and more likely, no firm release window has ever been given for the device until now. Even Samsung does show it off in November there is no suggestion that the debut will be closely followed by a public release of a device that will certainly have tongues wagging.

Indeed, the Galaxy X has been a secret one, and what we know this far as it has a foldable screen, that when closed, will produce a smartphone that is thicker than a standard flagship like the iPhone X or Galaxy S9. Opened up, the same device is said to seem like a small tablet in stature, making it perfect for watching media, streaming videos, or reading books – all depending on what exactly the situation is with that screen.

(Image: Samsung develops flexible OLED display)

The highlights for the Samsung’s foldable device, named Galaxy X. Making everything work – as users would suspect – is something Samsung continues to focus on, including making sure there is definitely a market for this thing. Thinking Big?

Apple has already sent out press invites for its ‘Gather Round’ 2018 iPhones keynote event to announce (maybe iPhone XS) on 12th of September with a new Apple Watch likely to arrive alongside it as Apple Watch Series 4. Stay tuned!

(Source: Business Insider)

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