7-Inch Foldable Samsung Smartphone Coming Early Next Year; Folds In Half As A Wallet

The next-generation Galaxy device is said to be a foldable smartphone that is set to be released by Samsung next year. An yes, we are been looking for the exact release date timing from Samsung, as it was rumored to be launching a smartphone with a not-completely foldable display.

From The WallStreet Journal report, it suggests that Samsung is planning on unveiling its foldable smartphone as early as next year, 2019.

Samsung executive claims we'll have foldable phones by 2019

Internally codenamed “Winner”, the foldable Samsung device features a 7 inch screen. However, the display can be folded into half “like a wallet” and also making the device more portable, according to the reports. Thereby, it also features a small display bar on the front and cameras in the back.

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Samsung, one of the most popular electronics as well as manufacturers produce unique displays, such as OLED, which Apple used on its iPhone X recently. The South Korean firm is also said to be working on developing its foldable smartphone display technology for years now. It even demonstrated the panels quite a few years earlier due to technological limitations, it never gor around live to using them in a smartphone.

On thing is important to note, and that is Samsung is not going to launch the foldable smartphone under its existing Galaxy S or Galaxy Note branding. Instead, it will be positioned as the company’s third flagship device (Galaxy X). Initially, the company plans to iterate the smartphone on a limited scale to smaller markets where it sees potential. Depending on the response received or gained, the foldable smartphone will then be made available to a wider commpercial markets in the second half of next year.

In fact, Samsung took a similar strategy with its curved AMOLED screens, previously. It first debuted the panel with the Galaxy Note edge before it slowly made the similar tech a key component of its flagship Galaxy S and Note phablets.

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The project on which Samsung is working has become one of main key priorities in recent months which is why unlike the last few reports, there’s a greater possibility of Samsung sticking to its internal schedule and releasing the foldable smartphone in 2019. Early than enough, a key reason behind this is the lukewarm sales of the Galaxy S9 series whole sales is estimated to be 20% lower than the Galaxy S8 range.

Regarding on what the pricing would be, the foldable smartphone is not going to be anything cheap but it is going to carry a price tag of over $1500 or even higher than that. While expensive, Samsung is hoping the genuine design of the foldable smartphones entice customers into paying the premium cost.

The WSJ report also points that Samsung unveiling a $300 Bixby-powered speaker at its Galaxy Note 9 event on August 9. Codenamed “Lux”, that speaker will have lights at the top and have a bowl shape design. Samsung plans on marketing the speaker as a high-end produicts with its unique features.

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If the Samsung’s foldable smartphone arrives, there will be the biggest challenges. With a large screen, the foldable device needs to have a large display as well it will make it heavy, too. There’s also the risk of thermal throttling and how well the foldable design is executed in real-life. On paper, a foldable smartphone might sound impressive but its all things about the execution. Reason why, samsung has shied away from relaesing its foldable smartphone to the public even in limited quantities.

We’ll soon be updating this post as we receive anything about Samsung’s foldable smartphpone release timescale and updates. Stay tuned for more!

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