Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro With 6-inch Display Imported Into India For Testing [Details]

Rumored in the past that Samsung Galaxy A9 successor is in the works and would be the 2016 flagship smartphone in the A series segment, and also tought that Samsung would introduce it as the Galaxy A9 Pro in the upcoming days. Now that a new import listing on Zauba confirms its existence, and at the same time indicates the smartphone in the final stages of testing.

Imported Galaxy A9 Pro into the Indian market for testing purposes and brought 4 of Samsung’s A9 Pro units from South Korea and one of which reached Bangalore for testing and other three A9 Pro units went to Delhi.

With the model number SM-A9100, Galaxy A9 Pro was imported to Delhi and Bangaluru on January 28th and 2nd February. Reportedly, the A9 Pro device have a value od INR 17,271 per unit in Delhi and Rs 24,179 discovered for the Bangaluru unit. If that’s the case study, the Galaxy A7 2016 variant itself costs over 30k in Indian market, so we can admit that the Galaxy A9 Pro priced much higher than the imported value on both the listings.

It also confirms that the screen-size of the Galaxy A9 Pro. With 6-inch QHD display, the A9 Pro is expected to have a 1440 pixels 2K screen compared to what we already seen 1080p on A9. Memory it could be paired by 4GB of RAM instead of 3 gigs found on A9 smartphone. Lot more to be considered here, as initially the reports suggests that the A9 Pro could be a China-only model, but nevertheless, today’s indicates the device be the high-end version of the Galaxy A9. Successor, or just a Windows Phone variant of the same.

For that we have to wait for official unveil of Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro in the future. Stay tuned!

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