Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Design Revealed In CAD File Leak [Video]

The official unveiling of Galaxy Note 5 may be taking place in a few months from now, and today we got the design renders leaked into wild. Although Samsung is well on its way to coverage head down a very specific aesthetic route across all ranges. A leaked 3D CAD file which purports to show the design and visuals of Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy Note gives us the clearest shot yet that the South Korean company is planning on launching the Note 5 with heavy visual inspiration borrowed from its current flaghsip smartphone lineup, the Galaxy S6.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s latest bit of intel on the high-end phablet comes from 3D model showcased in a video, courtesy of prominent leakster @Onleaks. Styling closely follows the new regular-size flagship, but a flipped version of Galaxy S6 Edge. Note-bly the screen is flat and the rear is curved towards the side edges, and bounds to handle a lot differently.

French News site is reporting that a 3D CAD file has been obtained from “an informant” that described as having always being reliable in the past with leaks of this nature. When we see from the leaked images, the Note 5 features a microUSB port at the bottom, with the 3.5mm headphone jack on the left and a speaker grill on its right. Interesting here is that the placement of loaudspeaker outlet has historically been located on the back of previous generation Galaxy Note hardware.

Renders lineup nicely with a previously shown alleged case for the yet-unannounced Note 5 in terms of features layout. Pointing that to older rumors, the Note 5 won’t be coming with the USB Type-C port, but as mentioned already has the mainstream microUSB 2.0 instead. However, the nature of the CAD file, as well as the render that it outputs, doesn’t give us a clear indication of the materials that will be usedx in the manufacturing process. Only expecting that Samsung will utilize the same materials and processes involved in producing the Galaxy S6. If thgis gonna be it then the Galaxy Note in case can expect an extremely sturdy and premium feeling piece of kit built with a metal chassis and rigid glass components.


It was also detailed about the domensions of the smartphone putting it at 153.4 x 77.3 x 10.2mm, but those 10.2mm include the camera hump. The source of the leak also notes that the device will be just 7.69mm thick, and that it will have a display measuring in at 5.7-inches diagonally. Remains unknown, but to be seen how many pixel the new Note will pack. It’s been speculated that Samsung will stick to a qHD 2K Super AMOLED panel and – no 4K just yet.

Another screenshot shows the cutout for the S-Pen leaves the impression that it will, indeed, be auto-ejectable, as there doesn’t appear to be enough space for fingernail though. It’s impossible to say whether it’ll be a combo SIM/microSD slot or storage expansion won’t be a feature of the Note series anymore as well.


Although, it remains to be seen if this leaked file is actually the real deal, but there’s nothing that immediately stands out to suggest that it isn’t. You can go ahead and check the video for yourself, and not the point that the source doesn’t claim it’s 100% legit.






The leaked device is rumored to take the iPhone 6 Plus head-on and it will be interesting to see how it will stack up in Galaxy line once the Note 5 is released later this year.


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