Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Reportedly To Feature 6GB RAM

Vivo was the first new smartphone maker to introduce the hardware with a hefty memory and the days are gone when a manufacturer could design and develop a newer phone or tablet without the whole world seeing just what was coming before it was finally unveiled. That’s what happened with this Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 case, which is almost away from an official introduction, but has supposedly shown up in benchmark test already. Proving itself, being the mammoth phablet in its Note series, a screenshot from those purported benchmark results have managed to spread on the world wide web giving us a hint at what we can expect when Samsung does finally go public with the hardware later this year.


Fans are excited to see what actually Samsung could be bringing with the next Galaxy Note iteration. If these screenshot of the alleged benchmark is to be trusted anything to go beyond, then it looks as though the sixth-generation Note will carry the SM-N930F model number and come equipped with the same Exynos 8890 chipset that is found right inside Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 flaghsip.

Additionally, it’s the revealed speculations that will however raise some new excitement levels for those looking forward to the new Note hardware. First, speaking about the mouth-watering specs found in the benchmark leak, which is advised that the screenshot has been outed by someone claiming to be a Samsung employee, and there’s not much reason to believe that the picture is actually legit and reflective of what the Note 6 could be packing.

The leaked information reveals that Samsung could be looking to ship the Note 6 with a massive 6GB of RAM, in addition to Exynos 8890 chipset. A spec that has been speculated earlier as well, and the Korean company is said, will continue to stick with the Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display panel setup that has been seen in the Galaxy Note 5, upgrading the move across to a 4K experience.

The test results also indicates that the sixth-gen Note’s display could also be slightly larger at 5.77-inches over the previous 5.7-inch screen that samsung bundled into the Note 5, instead.


Some new information also shown in the leaked screenshots does mingle in with previous speculation that we’ve already been accompained to Note 6, but there’s the potential that the highlighted benchmarks are entirely fake and clutching at straws with no real indication of the true speculation. Now that we just need to wait unstil Samsung make any official detailing soon.

Till then, what do you think? Will Samsung beef its phablet with a larger display and integrate 6GB of RAM inside it? So, let us know your thoughts!

(Source: PhoneArena)

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