Samsung Galaxy Note 6 US Release Date Disclosed

We’ve been hearing a lot of speculations and predictions pertaining to Apple’s next-generation iPhone, but not exactly we get a great deal for those who prefer their smartphones to have more of an Android flavor. Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 exposure is radically taking care of that front, and while rumors and conjectures remains far and few, it appears that the Korean-company’s next-gen. phablet, revealed its release date.

Galaxy Note 6 US Release Date Revealed
This particular piece of information comes directly from a reliable source, that already blowing the lid of unreleased smartphones and tablet with pretty accurate news. He is a serial leaker Evan Blass of @evleaks Twitter fame, suggesting that Samsung could be looking forward at a mid-August release date for its new sixth-generation Galaxy Note. Believing that the phablet steps forward looking at the launch timeframe in August this year, which would be the same time when Samsung unveiled the Note 5.

In a tweet today, Blass said:

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 US release scheduled for week of August 15th.

There’s no additional information about his source for this info, and also got no obvious reason to suspect that this expected launch date for the hardware will not be accurate. Blass indeed has a fairly impressive level of accuracy track record when it comes to sharing information about alleged and potential release dates of future device. As this tweet suggests, it does only relate to the United States launch of Samsung’s unannounced Android-powered “phablet” flagship. It’s likely that a global launch in additional territories will follow closely afterwards.


It seems that Samsung will not only be looking to build on the popularity of the previous-generation Note hardware, but will also be looking to capture the market that wasn’t sold on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models by introducing a larger display with a potential beefier, more performant internal specs that will hopefully blow away its successor Note hardware in terms of performance and overall user-experience.

Three more months left to reach August and it’s highly likely that we will start to see more information falling into public domain about the speculation, design and specifications of the Galaxy Note 6. Stay tuned!

(Source: @evleaks [Twitter])

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