The Galaxy Note 7R Releasing Before Note 8 That Doesn’t Explode

It’s only a matter of time Samsung planning to release a refurbished version of its infamous Note 7. Less than a week or so after the Galaxy Note 7R was spotted passing through the FCC certification, the device has now appeared in a collection of hands-on images. Though Android and phablets fans alike may eagerly looking for the launch date for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but it looks like as there will be another Note launch before that device makes it onto your physical and digital shelves.

Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished
The leaked Galaxy Note 7R images being shared into the public domain, though, showing off the character ‘R’ presumably standing for Refurbished. In pictures of the settings page, you can blurrily see that it’s running Android 7.0 pre-installed, and appears to confirm 3,200mAh battery.

The re-branded Galaxy Note 7R handset comes to scene after pulling out Galaxy Note 7 from worldwide sale due to a number of issues, is going to be pushed back into the market with a different model name, the exact same external aesthetic, but nevertheless, with a new set of internals to prevent the previous situation from happening again, exploding?

Analysis has suggested that the reason the batteries exploded in the first place was that they were a little too much of the casing. Samsung has pushed the tolerances and safety limits a little too far, which resulted in battery failure and “thermal runaway.” Also it could have made them more susceptible to physical damage.

Now comes the fix, which is just as simple as you’d expect. A slightly smaller battery, with bigger safety margins and more room around the cell. This definitely should prevent easy physical damage to the battery, and the units inside the new, lower-capacity battery should individually be safer.

Samsung will be offering a Note 7R with a smaller 3200mAh battery instead of the bigger power 3500mAh option that shipped with the original model. Users will be able to get to grips with it immediately upon opening the Note 7R box. Like its original, the 7R will copy a 5.7-inch 2K QHD AMOLED display with those lovely curved edges as well as a Samsung Exynos 8890 internally.

The camera system, both front, and back will remain unchanged entirely from the ill-fated Note 7 model. Rumors still claims unlikely that the device will go on sale here. Instead that Samsung will stick to selling it in home market of South Korea, where demand for Samsung products is higher, and big-screen tablet-cum-smartphone make up a higher percentage of sales.

For now, it’s said all these in the form of reports and somewhat speculated, but there is currently no word on whether or not the Galaxy Note 7R hardware will ever make it onto shelves in the United States or other locations. Fake tip made an appearance in SK with a price-tag that exchanges to around the $620 mark.

Thanks to source: TechnoBuffalo

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