Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition With 3-Year Security Promise

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition for business with “PC-class” support and three years of security updates. Here are the details.

The newly launched Enterprise Edition of Galaxy Note 8 comes with two years of purchase assurance, while the device supports Samsung Knox Configure and E-FOTA and more. Unlocked by Samsung Galaxy smartphone designed for the enterprise and SMB market, which brings enterprise-level customization, management, and full support and security enhancements to the acclaimed Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung making this edition a more enterprise and a truly “business-first” offering for the product line. But the hardware innards brings no other changes and new features, rather you can buy it at the local store, which Samsung is promising up to 3-years of monthly security updates.

Priced at $994, Samsung’s enterprise-centric Galaxy Note 8 device offers PC-class support to target enterprise and SMB markets. Available to purchase at roughly Rs. 64,200 via authorized Samsung channel partners in the United States. In addition to the promising longstanding security updates and maintaining continuity, The Note8 Enterprise Edition has Samsung KNOX Configure and Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over the Air (E-FOTA).

Otherwise, the South Korean company is also giving a purchase assurance that the similar device model will be available for purchase up to 2-years from the date of its availability. So the enterprise customers can offer the consistent experience to their users without even having to worry about the device going EOL at a later stage.

Key features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition will give IT teams the ability to remotely configure the hardware and manage all the devices in their organization through a centralized interface. While the E-FOTA integration provides software version control and scheduled updates. It seems Samsung’s work-focused Note 8 has better support than your phone now. Why can’t all its Android devices get the same treatment of backing, regardless of who’s buying?

Samsung is also promising that companies can buy the same models up to 2 years after their initial release. They won’t have a hodge-podge of different devices unless that’s what they actually want. Beyond that, the differences mostly come down to corporate-friendly software. The KNOX tools definitely make it easier for the IT crew to deploy custom configurations and schedule updates.

With the Galaxy Note 8, users get a bigger Infinity Display that fits comfortably in one hand and an improved S Pen for taking notes in Screen off a memo or quickly annotating documents and photos. In terms of specifications, the Enterprise Edition is identical to the regular Galaxy Note8. It features an edge-to-edge 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display (2960×1440) resolution and comes integrated with S Pen stylus. Users of Enterprise Edition can also leverage Samsung DeX capabilities to connect their Galaxy Note 8 with a desktop remotely.

  • Customization with Simplified Deployment & Management: The Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition offers both Samsung Knox Configure and Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over the Air (E-FOTA) to help reduce downtime and simplify the complexity of enterprise-wide smartphone deployments. Knox Configure lets IT admins quickly, securely and remotely configure and deploy branded, custom mobile experiences. E-FOTA enables IT admins to comprehensively manage a fleet of devices through centralized OS and software version control and scheduled updates.
  • Enhanced Security & Business Continuity: The Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition brings traditional PC-class product lifecycle support services to the smartphone. Devices receive regular monthly security updates for up to three years, and purchase assurance that they can buy the same device model up to two years from availability.

This isn’t the first attempt Samsung or any other smartphone manufacturer has done to target the enterprise market. BlackBerry had widely adopted a similar approach in the past. Apple has also explored its Device Enrollment Program (DEP) with the iOS 11 release to enable enterprises to deploy multiple iPhones and iPad devices.

The interesting thing here is that the enterprise edition of the Galaxy Note 8 arrives just in time when Apple’s iPhone X launch. The iPhone X comes with its ultra-premium features such as Face ID face authentication to unlock and a bezel-less, Super Retina Display.

As you all know by now how much the Enterprise Edition costs. This isn’t that much more than the up-front price for a regular Note 8.

(Source: Samsung Newsroom)

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