The Biggest Differences Between Samsung’s Galaxy S8 And Upcoming Note 8, Detailed Here

Although the Galaxy Note 7 directly became the most beloved Samsung smartphone of all time, even though after its disastrous fireball action. Recently, Samsung has pushed out the refurbished version of the infamous Note 7 as the Galaxy Note (FE) “Fan Edition” to those love to have their hands on with. Because, it was the fastest and most powerful smartphone Samsung had ever built at the best time, it also featured what was by far the sleekest design and the most promising software enhancements. Then, it all went up in smoke. Literally.

Expectations for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 couldn’t be that higher, especially when considering the Note 7’s untimely demise. While the good news is that just about everything we’ve heard so far paints a very unique picture of things to come. We’ve seen many Note 8’s specs leak, and also the revealing of the phone’s final design earlier this week. With that said, all we take a look at 5 of the biggest differences between the current Samsung’s Galaxy S8 / S8+ vs the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

First and Foremost

Display Size

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ both were the two smartphones of 2017 to feature the company’s delighted Infinity Display. Samsung’s new design is ultimate, thae screens on both phones are huge and gorgeous, stunning. But rumor has played its part, claiming that the Galaxy Note 8 will sport an even bigger 6.3-inch Super AMOLED screen with Quad HD resolution. And not the Infinity Display.

Better screen-to-body ratio

Secondly speaking of displays, size isn’t a big matter here where the Galaxy Note 8’s display will shine. The phone will supposedly feature a screen-to-body ratio that is even better and more impressive than the 83% achieved by the S8 and S8+. Among widely available top-tier smartphones, 83% is the fixed number to beat right now.

S Pen

However, the signature feature of the Galaxy Note series will be the S Pen, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 will reportedly be getting the opportunity to feature several key S Pen upgrades. As we heard about it, there will be improvements to the hardware as well as new software feature additions, and Note fans will definitely be appreciating both.


When it comes to smartphone performance, RAM is one plays a big role, in order to make the hardware run faster. As we saw recently when the OnePlus 5 became the first smartphone ever to beat the iPhone in real-world speed tests, though, RAM can be a pretty huge piece of said puzzle. According to rumors, the Galaxy Note 8 will pack 6GB of RAM, when compared to 8GB of RAM on OnePlus 5 availability. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ only have settled with 4GB of RAM in most markets, including the United States.


All of the differences above are areas where the Note 8 will be even better than the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, but the last and not the least one is the opposite. Samsung’s current flagship phones are already incredibly pricey, but the Galaxy Note 8 will reportedly take things to the next level, which we bet for. As to the recent reports, the phone could come with a base price of around $1,000.

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