Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Be Announced In August With Similar Design, Upgraded Camera

Samsung will announce its latest flagship phone on August 9th during an Unpacked event that will take place in New York, according to a new report out of Bloomberg.

The reports also suggest that the Samsung’s device will be called the Galaxy Note 9, we don’t think there is much to doubt here. This is most certainly the methodology for Samsung so far.

Recent weeks have seen much attention laid at the feet of the likes of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the initiatives will arrive later this year and are impressive devices having been released over the past few weeks from the likes of OnePlus and Huawei into competition, against to Samsung to see what it has in the store for its next big thing. With the Galaxy Note 9 likely to be a beast in more ways than one Big.

Reports already claimed that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+’s similarities to their 2017 counterparts is an example that will be followed by the Galaxy Note 9. But again, there will obviously be plenty of changes on the inside. New cameras and a beefier processor from Qualcomm are just about given at this point, although there are no official details about any of that just yet.

The biggest question will be made that what the Galaxy Note 9 will include for authentication, be an in-display fingerprint sensor? Unfortunately, there is no answer right now, but the most recent reports do mention that fact that this not being the case, though. So we may have to wait until next year to get an idea on that. Bixby will be there, though, so yeah, there’s that.

Bloomberg’s piece notes that with this year’s Unpacked event taking place a bit earlier than usual, we may see the device ship towards the end of August, giving it a few weeks of wiggle room before Apple’s new phones land in late September.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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