Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Gets FCC Approval Certificate

It seems like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has just hit the FCC a month ahead of schedule. Thanks to the leaks, rumors, renders we’ve already seen, plus the fact that we can now count to nine.

With a new Samsung phone just appeared at the FCC with the model number SM-N960F, we can assume that the release date for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is coming before schedule time. It might be announced a month earlier than expected, that’s if the first half of August, and should bring plenty of improvements over the Galaxy Note 8.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has today approved an unannounced Samsung smartphone that goes by the aforementioned model number, which should be of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9, because, its number is in line with the models of previous Galaxy Note handsets (Note 8’s SM-N950 and SM-N960F for Note 9).

Unfortunately, the FCC does not share too many details regarding the features and specifications for the next-generation Galaxy Note, save the stuff that you’d expect to find on board anyway. Like a multitude of LTE bands, Wi-Fi, and NFC. It also certainly believed that the SM-N960F be the international (non-US) variant of the Galaxy Note 9, just like the SM-N950F – the international version of Galaxy Note 8.

The US version of the Galaxy Note 9 does likely go by the model number SM-N960U, as suggested be recent benchmark test. The same version hasn’t appeared or shown up at the FCC, but we assume the fact that it’s going to get the FCC approval soon, as Samsung needs a pass from that certification in order to start selling it in North America.

Here’s what the FCC revealed of the SM-N960F today is stating that it received the device back in April, meaning that Samsung had a nearly-final version of the Galaxy Note 9 two months ago. Thus, there’s a high chance that those recently-leaked Note 9 renders are pretty much close to the real thing.

In addition to that model number, the FCC mentions an SM-N960X and an SM-N960F/DS, too. The latter should be a dual-SIM Galaxy Note 9 – again, an international variant that we don’t believe will be officially released stateside.

As for the SM-N960X, which probably be an Asia-specific Galaxy Note 9 – only be found in Asia. Today’s FCC approval supports this idea, even if the Certification site has yet to reveal a US variant of the phone. Samsung supposedly planning for the Galaxy Note 9 announcement in August.

Design-wise, the handset from Samsung might not be too different from the predecessor, but may have include an array of improvements that the new Note 9 phone is expected to bring, including a larger battery, newer and faster processors (likely Snapdragon 845 on the US version), better camera systems, and an enhanced S-Pen stylus experience.

(source: FCC)

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