Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Purported Specs And Features Detailed In New Leak

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 will likely launch in August 2018 with new tech we should have seen in the S9, according to this leaked information. Here are the details you need to know about it.

Both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ were only announced less than two weeks and the duo flagship devices are not set to arrive on store shelves for a little while yet, but no wonder to stop people predicting about what the next big Samsung release will be.

Undoubtedly, that will be the Galaxy Note 9.

What exactly can we expect to make up the Galaxy Note 9 is still unknown at the moment, but according to a new outing, where Samsung has obviously been quite so far on that to say anything, we can take a few cues from what the Galaxy S9 turned out to be.

Accelerated with that knowledge, as well as a collection of rumors that continue to flow in, the folks over at SlashGear have listed a collection of specifications that could, theoretically at least, give us a good indication of what to expect when the Galaxy Note 9 is made official.

SlashGear also believes the Note 9 to borrow the Galaxy S9’s camera system – a move that would eventually not be a bad one considering early reports.

We expect that the Galaxy Note 9 will sport a camera setup not unlike the Galaxy S9 Plus. That is, two lenses, two sensors, dual OIS, optical zoom at 2x, digital zoom 10x, live focus, “dual capture”, AR Emoji, etcetera. It’d be strange if Samsung opted to use the Galaxy S9’s camera as there’s plenty of room for the larger array.”

As for release date and pricing, the same theory is that we can expect something around the Galaxy Note 8’s $929, although as with all of these details right now, it’s certainly impossible to be sure what will, and will not turn out to be accurate come announcement day which is guessed to be somewhere in this year.

If it does, the Galaxy Note 9 release in the given purported date, then it can beat the Galaxy S9 in many ways. It also goes head-to-head with the year’s new iPhone. As such, it’s the device Samsung often reserves to debut is most innovative features, including the digital S Pen stylus and Samsung’s now-signature curved glass screens. Based on recent concept designs, the belief is that the Galaxy Note 9 will include a 6.3-inch display based on the same impressive Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology as the currently residing in the Galaxy S9. Other things the Note 9 change dimensions compared to the Note 8, making it thinner, shorter and wider.

(Source: SlashGear)

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