Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unveil Date Set For August 9 At Unpacked Event [Invites Out]

Samsung has officially sent out invites for its Unpacked event where Galaxy Note 9 will likely be unveiled for the first time. Samsung has issued invites to the press outlets and technology influencers and confirm that the next big media event will take place in New York City on August 9th, 2018.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be Samsung’s flagship phone for the second half of the year after the release of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ earlier this year. As with most UNPACKED events, the South Korean company will use the time to talk about its performance and discuss an array of products and services, altogether.

Given that we have been seeing an influx of information falling into the public domain relating to Samsung’s next-large-screened phablet, and it’s relatively to admit the fact that the flagship announcement during the UNPACKED event will be the Galaxy Note 9 unveiling.

For starters this year, Samsung is again backing the Note 9 on the Galaxy S9+ but with a few improvements thrown in. In order to maximize the internal space on the handset for battery, the Galaxy Note 9 will feature a horizontal dual-camera setup like the Note 8. Rumors are rumors, but this presumably allows Samsung to fit in a massive 4,000mAp battery unit on the upcoming Note 9. However, there’s still no credible leaks on this front this far, so it is better to take this report with a pinch of salt.

At this time, it’s actually quite difficult to believe that the Note range of devices has been around since way back in 2011. The world mocked Samsung when it took the opportunity to introduce a smartphone of monolithic proportions and just naturally assumed that the hardware wouldn’t catch on, thus, customers would always prefer a device with a much smaller and screen, and of course, greater portability.

If the rumors are to be believed and leaks become accurate, the Note 9 could come equipped with a fairly impressive S-Pen stylus overhaul. Other than that, it doesn’t look as though the whole device is going to benefit from wholesale changes. If UNPACKED 2018 does focus on the next Note 9 hardware, then we can expect the S-Pen to be the center of attraction at the announcement.

Aside from the S-Pen, the camera is also going to be another area where Samsung is making major improvements. The internal specs of the Galaxy Note 9 are expected to remain as same as possible as the Galaxy S9, meaning it will come with an Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 chipset international model, 6GB of RAM, 64/128GB of storage, microSD card slot, wireless charging, Iris scanner, and an IP68 certification.

Let’s hope this next one is a big one with plenty to get excited about from Samsung.

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