Android 6.0 Update: List Of Samsung Galaxy S Devices That Will Get Marshmallow

Google with the recent announcement regarding the future ofthe Android operating system was enough to kick excitement levels for the future of the platform were once again raised. Called Android 6.0 ‘M’ (Marshmallow). Samsung has now grabbed that excitement and jumped onto the Marshmallow bandwagon bt reportedly revealing a list of its Galaxy devices that it plans to upgrade to Android 6.0 when the time comes.

The final version of Android 6.0 will be released in the coming months and we expect the newest Nexus family will be the first ones to receive it, but the company is yet to formally announce an actual projected release date for the Marshmallow software. With no concrete idea on when the new wave of Nexus devices will begin shipping with Android Marshmallow pre-installed, let alone an array of existing Samsung devices will actually benefit from the update.

Samsung has yet to announce which smartphones and tablets will be the first to receive Android Marshmallow, though its 2015 flagships (S6 Edge+ and Note 5) will be going to be included inthe first round of updates. Smartphone manufacturers and mobile carriers alike do have to prepare themselves for the launch sometime this fall.

The South Korean company as oforementioned has not only “confirmed” the list of devices that will benefit from the upgrade, but also that the first list is an exhaustive one meaning that the firm has no plans to extend it for now. If your owned smartphone or tablet isn’t listed below, then the chances are it won’t be getting an update:

Not on the list was the Galaxy S5, which was only released a little over year ago in 2014. Any Samsung provided Marshmallow upgrade would obviously be the manufacturer modified version rather than the Google provided “stock” or “native” alternative that remains unaltered. Nevertheless, that means the devices above would benefit from the upgrade, but also “benefit” from the additional inclusions that Samsung, and other manufacturers for that matter, like to bundle into the Android OS prior to pushing out an update.

There’s still no official release date for Marshmallow just yet but it’s expected to go live sometime this fall. The Android platform is surely likely to introduce a heap of new features and improvements that will ultimately benefit the end-user and compliment the ever growing list of powerful hardware that is upcoming to the market.

Here are the new features and enhancements Android M is bringing about after its predecessor, Android Lollipop, in this infographic:


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