Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Bends Too Like iPhone 6 Plus, And HTC One M9 Out Of Reach

Misc here is dredging up a controversial issue from the past, Sqaure Trade has decided to redo #Bendgate tests this time with the new flahsip smartphones from Samsung and HTC. More details on the bend test can be catched after this jump.


iPhone 6 Plus in the past when iterated kicked off Bendgate, which was put under 110 pounds before it got deformed. Either way it took the most pressure of almost 179 pounds, to break the Apple pahblet.

Now that the two new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC One M9 phones were tested twice – once until they visibly bend and agin until they are bent to their breaking point.

The video here shows the Bendgate in action.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge also bends easily like the iPhone 6 Plus at 110 pounds, surprsingly on the curved sides of the display cracked. It’s protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4, but the shape of the side makes it more susceptible to cracking. The S6 Edge could still power on though so it was put in the press again until it broke at 149 pounds, which the 6 Plus 179 punds pressure.

Finally, the HTC One M9 – bent at 120lbs which was its undoing too. The Power button was moved from top to the center of the right side, reason why exactly where the phone bends at the side buttons. The One M9 could not power on after that test.

Here’s a table with the numbers for each phone:

Phone Bend weight Breaking weight
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 110lbs 179lbs
HTC One M9 120lbs
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 110lbs 149lbs

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