Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ To Have 4GB of RAM, Exynos 7420 CPU, Galaxy Note 5 May Not Get Auto-Eject S-Pen Tech

Rumored that the Galaxy Note 5 will only to get support of 4GB of LP-DDR4 RAM, but now it looks like the curved-variant of Galaxy S6 Edge Plus too receiving the similar configurations, most likely with a 3GB or 4GB of RAM onboard. With Snapdargon 808 processor, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is also anticipated to get a different CPU and could pack a 4GB RAM inside.

New report surfaced directly from Vietnam, suggests that the S6 Edge+ will be powered by Samsung’s Xynos 7420 chipset that was found on Galaxy S6 Edge, but on the Plus variant it would be even faster. Rumor mills speak words related to that of unconfirmed ones from officials, but nevertheless some becme accurate though.

If this is to be believed then the Galaxy S6 Edge+ with 4GB of RAM and Exynos SoC is welcome change, as it means that the upcoming phablet will be more powerful than we though previously. And it is not the only one to go live next month, but another variant of Galaxy S6 Edge+ with Snapdragon 808 processor is also rumored, which Samsung used to have with older devices like the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Edge, S5 etc.

With 3000mAh battery capacity, the Galaxy S6 Edfge+ remains to be seen on how much is can be better with the power of 5.7-inch QHD screen with 1440p reslution Super AMOLED display.

Now that the Galaxy Note 5 is said to have an auto-ejecting S-Pen functionality, triggered using on-screen gestures, and according to the reports, it might not be the case. Leaked photos of the Note 5 shows that it will likely to come with an S-Pen and have a different slot when compared to its predecessors.

The S-Pen on Galaxy Note 5 will remain centered within the body and could have on-screen gestures that push the S-Pen in and out. Of course it might have a different integration, though. The new S Pen will have a push to release mechanism and similarly push to lock tech, which would also see an auto-ejecting system as well.

It is also claimed that the Note 5 won’t be getting an expandable microSD card support, and just a few days back it was clarified that it does getting it. Release date timeframe is to be believed to happen in mid-August and we are eager to check out as many specifications it leakes before its official unveil.

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