Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Might Be called S6 Note, To Have 5.7-Inch Display: Report

Rumored in the past that Samsung is working on its next Galaxy S6 smartphone, which supposed to be a bigger version of the company’s Galaxy S6 edge. Plus alleged to sport a 5.5-inch display with dual curved edges as well. Not going to be the Galaxy Note 5 nor a Galaxy Note 5 Edge, but could call it the Galaxy S6 Note, which has been codenamed Project Zen, then Project Zero 2 internally at Samsung. Details on this speculation can be grabbed right after this jump.


What interesting here is that the leaks and rumors that surfaced claiming that the S6 Edge Plus managed up two important details. First up, the display. With curves on both sides like the Galaxy S6 edge, the Plus had pointed at a 5.5-inch display, but nevertheless, now it looks like Samsung thinks about 5.7-inch would be better size. Secondly, the Galaxy S6 Note will come with Android 5.1.1 preloaded out of the box.

Now that Samsung has registered a trademark with a naming convention that is unheard of, the Galaxy S6 Note, may be the upcoming smartphone from Samsung. Or this could be the commercial name of the Project Zero 2 phone, now revealed.

Vendors to file trademarks to project their branding identity is however is not uncommon, though is most apparent in the case here. Samsung already has clearly-defined product lineups in the high-end segment, with the Galaxy S series being the mainstream flagship and the Galaxy Note line for those looking for a larger screens. A new rumor claims its screen will actually be a 5.7-inch unit.

Trademarking the S6 Note would just Samsung’s way of making sure that obscure Chinese vendors doesn’t get it first. In South Korea an application submitted to allow capture the brand S6 Note, logically it make some sense that the S6 Plus will actually go with the name Note S6. As it suggests that the device also has an S Pen stylus which has already been denied in earlier rumors.

Regardless that launch, it should be taking place sometime during the Q3 of 2015, could be July or September. And now we have to wait for official confirmation from the Korean giant honor to unveil its Galaxy Note 5 successor to compete with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – said to be on stage same time this fall.

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