Samsung Galaxy S6 Unibody Metal Frame Leaked With Proof [Photos]

The Project Zero – Galaxy S6 – has been teasing for a while now with specs leaks and now with an appearance of the purported device emerges on the famous AnTuTu benchmarks and the TENAA app, revealing its hardware package. About the design of Samsung‘s next big phone photos are unseen as yet. However, with photos of a unibody metal frame allegedly belonging to the Galaxy S6 are here now.


Released photos by Nowherelse of what they predict to be the metal chassis of the yet unannounced Galaxy S6 and they look to be built with metal indeed. With slightly protruding corners on what is likely the bottom end of the frame takes a lot of design similarities from the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4. Next what!


Photos leaked also pointing at some shells for external hardware drives, and if you want to keep an open mind given how rumors work. New Galaxy S series imminently has a lot to make up for given front-runner with the Galaxy S5, which is why the S6 is being kept in high secrecy and has reportedly been designed from scratch to help it stand out as more than just a high-end last-gen device, which is exactly the Flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, which suffered from with the presence of the popular S4.


According to an import record in India, a Samsung device showed up the SM-G920F model number as those AnTuTu benchmark leaks pointed that has now entered the country for R&D purpose and is not a retail unit. The AnTuTu bench detailed a device bearing the model number SM-G925F, so how many variants of the S6 are out there right now?

The latest speculation was that the upcoming Galaxy S6 sporting a display that will be curved on both sides of the screen, where the Galaxy Note Edge bends only one side, already proving it can be done on one side. Further, there will be some more rumors and take it with a pinch of salt.

Stay tuned and just hope we hear more from the Galaxy S6 in the days to come.

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