Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Photos Leaked, Here’s What The Battle-Ready Rugged Phone Looks Like

Photos of the yet-unannounced Samsung Galaxy S7 Active rugged smartphone has been leaked in all its glory, now appears to show its first glimpse.

Back in March a few rumors surfaced claiming that the Galaxy S7 Active appears to follow in the footsteps of the Galaxy S6 Active by being based on the current year’s flagship model. Coming after rumors of its existence, that ruggedization appears to include a camouflage print on the device’s back, at least in the model photographed.

It seem like Galaxy S7 Active is heading to AT&T soon, which although appears to show AT&T branding, has routinely been the only current carrier to carry the ruggedized phone. While based on the Galaxy S7, the Active model does see some changes. More bulky than the S7 from which it takes its cues, the Galaxy S7 Active.

Photographed here, features two physical buttons that replace the capacitive ones on the front of the Galaxy S7. Actively, it appears that Samsung has left the fingerprint sensor-laden home-button unchanged, which definitely makes sense. Altogether, the two individual volume up and down buttons appeared on the leaked Galaxy S7 Active have been replaced by a sturdy rocker switch on the left of the device, with the SIM slot and microSD card tray vacating its usual spot and moving to the right side.

Images of the purported Galaxy S7 Active show a camouflaged back with rubber bumpers around the edges of the gadget. As with previous “Active” devices from Samsung, you can utterly expect the Galaxy S7 Active to be waterproof, shockproof, and radically match the Galaxy S7 spec-of-spec when it’s released, officially.

Presumably, the Galaxy S7 Active also features the now-familiar Active button that can be used to launch Samsung’s Active Zone app, that buttons taking its place on the boody that unfortunately has to lose the metal and glass construction that makes the Galaxy S7 so gorgeous to look at. Still, the Active will likely pretend to feature all kinds of ratings that show its capable of withstanding various levels of drowning and attack from dust, sand, etc.

Possible release dates and prices are currently under construction though. What we do know is that AT&T will be the best partner for this rugged model. As shown above, an AT&T logo on the leaked Galaxy S7 Active confirming our suspicions.

Source: SamsungViet [Google Translate])

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