Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Indeed Leaked In Full Glory

In the galaxy of smartphones range, Samsung is literally expected to announce its new Galaxy S lineup on February 21st at MWC 2016 media event in Barcelona, and followed by rumors swirling around for some time as to what the official announcement would of. However, it was said the South Korean vendor prepping to unveil two of its flagships at the event, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, putting behind is the Galaxy S7 Edge+ from the appearance, with both devices are indeed set to be Samsung’s new smartphones for the forthcoming year.

Technically, as is now very much the norm for big hardware releases, we have gathered a few supposed leaks of images, renders and roarings supposedly decepting what the new smartphones will look like from Samsung view point, and today is no different. Another leak appears to show completely black and gold devices, with the two Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge getting an outing. Teased!

Leaked images of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge shows similar architecture of what the predecessor Galaxy S6 range of devices were and with the in mind we can admit that the new comers will replace that, and feature the February 21st date on their lock screens. All of that looks fine, but what’s really concerned about would be the state of the Home button on what we assume to be the black Galaxy S7.

Looking at the S7 black edition, seems like had photoshoped effort, but since the source of these leaks is none other than @evleaks, we are bound to believe that they are a big real deal. Whatever the case maybe, we’ll definitely find out for sure next month.

Accepting these images are legit, since there’s a great deal to take anyone by surprise. Though, Home buttons do look a slightly different shape to the ones already shipping on the Galaxy S6 line, even making allowances for the oft-mentioned oddity. Nevertheless in general things looks just as we would expect them to be. Should be getting a facelift, with newer, more gigantically powerful internals play a big role – set to make the Galaxy S7 the fastest Galaxy-range of devices yet.

Witness all of it in full glory before the big unveiling next month. Stay tuned!

(source: @evleaks [Twitter])

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