Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date With Price Discount Points To January 2016

Rumors although settles at the launch of Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy S device, said not to use Exynos 7, rather than to be equipped with the all-new Exynos 8 Octa 8890, which was made official today. Speculations on its way suggesting the release date time frame of the yet-unannounced Galaxy S7, could be happen a month early, in January, and not in February 2016.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was reportedly set for a big announcement in Barcelona at Samsung Unpacked event on February 21st. But the scene has been changed with no excuse, as per the sources, the company is keen in developing firmware for the new hardware, a month earlier than they did for the Galaxy S6 last year.

May Launch A Month Eralier Than February 21st.
It was also suggested that Samsung wanted to launch their new phone a month early in order to grab up some iPhone 6s sales, and if the Galaxy S7 is coming out as oft-mentioned, then users may be more inclined to wait a little longer rather than just buying a 6S and getting the latest device now.

It was known that Samsung has introduced its sort of Galaxy S series handsets a day before MWC kicks off in Barcelona, and many think that this is no different. Next Mobile World Congress keynote will start on February 22nd to 25th of 2016. Anything can happen, Samsung may make a big unveil of its next-generation Galaxy S7 in February next year, or else ahead of this date, in January. Think different?

In other exciting news for Samsung fans, the new Galaxy S phone could also end up being cheaper than expected, which comes directly from the Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang, predicted that Samsung would price the Galaxy S7 around 10% lower than the S6, in an effort to give the boost in the smartphone market to acquire its sales.


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