Samsung Galaxy S8 Launched: Buyers To Get A 3-Month Unconditional Refund Policy Now

A recent speculation surfaced now regarding Samsung planning to launch a three-month unconditional refund policy for its Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices. Most retailers have the S8 for $750, and the owners of the smartphone, here’s two offers coming to your reach.

S8 latest launch

Use your face as the passcode and other neat things you can do with a Galaxy S8. Facial unlocking feature on the S8 can now be bypassed with a photo, here is how.

Reportedly, it was said that Samsung is launching a new strategy for its soon-to-be-released flagship phone. The Korean tech company is said to launch a three-month unconditional refund policy because of its devices. The Samsung Galaxy S8 latest launch will be the first since the discontinuation of the infamous Galaxy Note 7. However, Samsung offers an interesting insurance policy to its S8/S8+ customers, which would be the company’s way of extending goodwill to buyers, says Wccftech.

Both the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ launched bundled with a lot of features, ranges from a new screen that gives a different look, to gear up smartphones with a button-free front. It’s release with a hardware that is quite different from their prodecessors. Further more, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are taller phones with a combination of WQHD+ resolution, while the aspect ratio for the Galaxy S8 pair is at 18.5:9.

As per The Invester claims, Samsung is considering on implementing a large-scale marketing campaign that would offer uuconditional refunds up to three-months use. Unknown sources also claims, there are two primary reasons for Samsung to offer a return policy.

First and foremost, Samsung would like to use this refund policy to build consumers confidence and rebuild its reputation after the Note 7 debacle. Second reason is Samsung may be implementing this such an aggressive offering for its new Bixby AI virtual assistant (full details), may not be fully baked for the Galaxy S8 launch.

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