This Could Be Our First Clear Look At Samsung Galaxy S8?

Until now we have got nothing particular on what Samsung has in store for the Android-loving world with its purported Galaxy S8. The South Korean company may lift the covers off the said device anytime soon or later this year. Sure, there will be discussions and renders making it into the public domain before then based on leaks and insider rumors, but the official glimpse will be provided in the first instance by Samsung.

Here’s what we could have a fair good idea of what to expect from Samsung tanks to MobileFun. Case makers generally have a vested interest in predicting what future devices are going to look like as part of an effort to be the first to product cutting-edge cases for those unannounced devices. If we were to listen Olixar, and believed everything that the company produces, then, you should also learn more from this source, as well.

To that extend, a lot of the more forward-thinking companies use rumors, speculation from analysts, leaked blueprints and schematics by that end, and even general assumptions, to build cases and promote the brand prior the device launch.

Just hours back we have received a prototype of Galaxy S8 and said that the dual camera setup only made exclusive for Galaxy S8 Plus. Along with guess work and assumptions, some big manufacturers do actually have some insider knowledge mixed with an understanding of actual dimensions and specifications of the device, which otherwise means in this instance we could actually be looking at something that’s fairly representative of what’s going to be released with the S8.

The design, as we can be seen here, looks awesome. It’s a fantastic example of a product design and would instantly command a legion of fans based on visuals alone. What we actually consider seeing from the design is a very small, almost invisible bottom bezel, which has been made possible thanks to the total removal of the Home button.

This render is presumably of a Galaxy S8 Edge, there’s also the stunning curved edge display that we’ve become accustomed to. Is Samsung taking a little cue from Apple’s iPhone 8, or the recently released Xiaomi Mi MIX in question.

If these renders aren’t entirely made up, then the designers and creators can give themselves a pat on the back. Even though, then gone beyond to introduce a very plausible wallpaper on the device which shows the tracing of the number 8, similar to the images of the Galaxy S7. Let’s hope that we got a Samsung device that’s similar to this work of art.

(Source: MobileFun)

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