Samsung Galaxy S8 Pre-Orders Sees Strong Demand In The US, Black Galaxy S8+ Is On Top Of The List

Samsung although informed the world that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are being pretty well received in the United States, where the two handsets are available for pre-order since late March. Now, what makes this statement more demanding is that the black variant of Galaxy S8+ sits on top of the preordering list. Here are the details we have grabbed so far.

Samsung Galaxy S8 US Preorders
As per the report from South Korea, pre-order for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are outperforming those of the Galaxy S7 series from last year – now that Samsung is seeing “strong double impact growth” in pre-order numbers, despite the fact that both the S8 and S8+ are a bit more expensive than their predecessors.

Currently, Samsung says that “the majority of US consumers have been selecting the Galaxy S8+”, so the 6.2-inch model wins the popularity contest versus the 5.8-inch S8. Also to make a note of is that Midnight Black is preferred S8 color of choice for US consumers, with Orchid Gray and Arctic Silver being less popular.

Interestingly, Samsung doesn’t actually share specific pre-order numbers, though probably find out more about this in the coming weeks, after the Galaxy S8 and S8+ become widely available, hands-on.

Nothing is fairly clear at this moment right now, with the brand new Galaxy S8 family, Samsung managed to attract the attention (and money) of many customers in the US and around the globe. Are you not willing to grab one yet? Get it on April 21!

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