This Is How Samsung Galaxy S8’s Touch Sensitivity Works [Video Leaks]

Yet another alleged video of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been leaked out showing off the latest unannounced smartphone in action. Not everything here has been revealed, but the latest video comes in just only nine seconds long, nevertheless, billed as a “touch sensitivity test,” rather gives us a glimpse of what one might expect from a video with that headline. Although to witness the Galaxy S8 launch we have only few days left behind, prior to that today’s leak however, in a video, showing off a user taps the on-screen keyboard rapidly and continuously – with the intention of providing viewers with some kind of representation of juts how responsive the screen technology on he device is. Performance appears to be also good as can be expected from a modern flagship device. This test has one or two hiccups in response as the video’s protagonist pickup high seed, which actually don’t mean a hole lot since the video is only nine seconds long an the simple idea of screen responsiveness can only be very difficult to judge in a small clip.


Considerable thing about the video is that, the bezel surrounding the screen being madly tapped either shows a color variation from the Galaxy S8 or it has some covering for protection purposes, or else, to prevent the design of the hardware from being fully revealed. Previous leaks purportedly shown the device sporting a “midnight black” variant, but what we should note is that. any of the devices that have leaked till date could simply be prototype devices that only resembles to the final product.

With no audio, aside from the background noise, the newly leaked video is obviously not professionally made, but rather it does provide viewers with another look at the successor to Samsung’s immensely popular Galaxy S7 lineup.We’ll be getting more detailed information as soon as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus launch, as Samsung seems all set to from unveiling both phones to the public as they will be announcing them officially in the middle on next week on March 29th.

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