First Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Teaser Videos Show Off New Features, Somewhat iPhone X Animoji

Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus in a couple of weeks, as we have to still wait for that before we get our latest flagship Android device and iPhone X competition. Samsung has finally begun to tease its highly anticipated reveal of the new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. With less than two weeks to go until Mobile World Congress 2018 kicks off in Barcelona.

Although the phones Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have yet to be announced, three teaser videos have been published on Samsung Mobile Korea’s YouTube channel seem to indicate that the phone maker will stick with the same convention for at least one more generation. But one of the teaser videos offers first look at iPhone X Animoji competitor.

Samsung has released no fewer than a trio of new videos in Korea showcasing the Galaxy S9. The first two of that highlight the camera on the device, including its f/1.5 aperture and apparently impressive low-light photography capabilities.

In addition to teasing the name of the phone with a giant transparent “9”, the videos also hint at some of the features that future S9 and S9+ owners have to look forward to when the phone launches. Otherwise, Samsung didn’t explicitly list the features, but most of them are fairly easy to clarify the content of the video.

First up are things that get really interesting is the third of the videos, which seems to focus on 3D Emoji, though there is no actual name for them as yet.

Also, here is something to suggest that Samsung is copying Apple and its Animoji, which does not quite look to be the case. Instead, from what we can work out at least, Samsung’s 3D Emoji appears to better resemble Nintendo’s Mii characters than anything Apple offers as part of the iPhone X feature set. But again, we will not know for sure until we are shown everything in two weeks’ time frame.

What’s according to rumors that were floating around is that the Samsung implementation will supposedly take a scan of a user’s face and then use that to build a full-body character on-screen, hence the Mii similarities. Users will apparently be able to adjust how those characters look, too.

Another product to be introduced at the event would be the Samsung DeX Pad. You can learn more about it and how it works better than the previous DeX released for S8.

Personally, we are convinced that Apple’s Animoji is nothing more than a short-lived gimmick, and see little to suggest Samsung’s version will be any different. All things will be clear and will reserve judgment until Samsung shows off exactly what its 3D Emoji will offer.

About the teaser videos

There’s a video montage of several high adrenaline activities that ends with someone gliding through the air in a wingsuit. Just before it ends though, the video clip slows to crawl, likely pointing to a slow-mo feature for the camera. Slow-mo has been on Galaxy phones for years, but perhaps it’s about to receive an update this year.

Next is the serene video of two people walking through the woods as the peaceful sounds of the nature echo around them. At the end, they spot a deer and snap a photo in low-light conditions, which showcasing the phone’s capabilities.

Finally, a single man as he goes about this day, reacting to things around him. He cries at a movie theater, looks intense while playing video games. But right at the end, we see a face turn into a 3D emoji character of some nature, perhaps hinting at an Animoji analog for the S9.

Mark you calendar, Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ at a press conference on February 25th before MWC 2018 begins.

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