Samsung Galaxy S9 Price Leaks, It’s Bad News For Us All

According to the latest report, Samsung phones could cost you more in 2018, which could significantly increase the price of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Top mobile experts believe that Apple’s iPhone X priced at $999 is going to force up the prices of all premium smartphones. But an insider source now suggests that we could see a price rise of around £100 compared to last year’s Samsung model.

When compared, last year’s Galaxy S8 launched at £689, but now sells for as little as £530 online. Samsung is planning to debut the Galaxy S9 at a special launch event at Barcelona’s MWC 2018 tech show on February 26.

Despite a solid spec bump, an enhanced display, and potentially game-changing camera, excitement about the Galaxy S9 has in the mix due to its conservative design and battery stagnation. The good news in new leaks reveal the smartphone does have surprises up its sleeve, but the design is not in line.

Another reporter quoted as saying: “You can expect the S9 to cost £100 more than the Galaxy S8 when it was released last year.” About the predicted Galaxy S9 price, there is a prediction that is an even bigger price hike.

The popular accessories retailer has attained the first official Samsung Galaxy S9 cases, which show a design so similar to its predecessor that a Galaxy S8 fits inside them almost perfectly. It appears that there are the case cutouts on the back, which are different because Samsung relocating the fingerprint sensor centrally beneath the camera.

The Galaxy S9 Plus also features a dual camera this year, the first time Samsung has equipped the larger model with a superior shooter and f/1.5 aperture. Both the S9 and Galaxy S9+ appear to be slightly thicker than the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Intelligent Scan Vs Face ID

There are murmurs over Apple’s decision to replace Touch ID with Face ID on the iPhone X. Now that. Samsung appears to have its own Face ID alternative ready.

It is called “Intelligent Scan” which it combines both facial recognition and iris scanning in an attempt to create something as fast and accurate as Face ID. It has been discovered, which the code hidden in Samsung’s Android Oreo beta software – uncovered the feature for the first time, revealed more information about this in a newly filed Samsung patent (PDF link).

Filed in English (usually Samsung patents are in Korea), it explains how the system will combine an iris camera, a light source module (IR LED) and proximity sensor. As LetsGoDigital explains:

“Once a user is located at a certain distance from the device (measured by the proximity sensor), the infrared light source module and the iris camera will be switched on to take a picture of the iris. The camera is able to register both eyes, as well as a part of the face.”

As per Samsung itself, this technology is somewhat very interesting, which can be integrated not just into smartphones but also cameras, e-readers, tablets, PCs and Smart TVs. Consequently, the SK company may treat it like ‘Samsung Pay'” a form of universal functionality across Samsung devices designed to lock users into the company’s ecosystem.

Apart from that, Samsung’s temptation to offer discounts far earlier than Apple will mean that the price of the Galaxy S9 should quickly fall. And Apple’s £999 iPhone X is expected to force the price of Samsung phones up too.

This will definitely create a “large price gulf” between Samsung’s new phone and Apple’s £999-£1,149 iPhone X, which will “help generate demand” for the Galaxy S9.

Probably, Samsung won’t break the £1,000 barrier with the Galaxy S9. Whatever the price, it’s very likely that Samsung Galaxy S9 line will be one of this year’s most popular phones. Stay tuned for more.

(Thanks: TheSun)

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