Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Now that there are big flagship devices such as Pixel 2, Note 8 and Apple’s iPhone X around the world for the year, the rumor mill nowadays turns its gaze towards the future. 2018’s flagship season kicks off with Samsung’s answer to its major competitor: the Galaxy S9.

Indeed, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 series of flagship was a huge success by most accounts, and largely erased the in-famous Note 7 debacle. Samsung looks to make a huge splash with the highly anticipated follow-up to its nearly bezel-less Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Details surrounding the Galaxy S9 are still worthy enough, so it notable that anything listed here must be taken with a pinch of salt. As for information surfaces regarding this upcoming flagship, we’ll surely update this roundup with pertinent info. With that said, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and sort through what we know so far.

Announcement Date: February 2018

It was already in the murmurs of the public and enthusiasts that Samsung follows a pattern for its famed Galaxy S series – falling between February and April. From the unveil to general release timeframe. While it’s currently impossible to pin down any exact dates at this point, but according to BGR, the S9 might be announced and released earlier than usual. It’s a safe bet to at least guess that Samsung might formally introduce the Galaxy S9 around the same time Mobile World Congress is set to take place, which is around February 26, 2018.

Design: Smaller Bezels, New Materials & Headphone Jack

Specifications-wise, it’s all but certain the Galaxy S9 will carry on the current tradition and come in two sizes. But again, it will look a lot similar to be more streamlined, an updated version of the Galaxy S8. The new flagship is predicted to have an even thinner bezel around its AMOLED Infinity Display for a more impressive and innovative experience. To get a clearer image of what the S9 might look like, we only need to look at Benjamin Gaskin‘s highly realistic renders of the upcoming flagship concept.

Changes on the next-gen Galaxy S9 might either be what material will be used for is the rear panel. Or the general layout of various sensor and cameras on the back of the S9 phone. Here is another Chinese leaker with a great track record of smartphone prediction, has also tweeted that the “back of the Galaxy S9 will change a lot.” However, he didn’t elaborate on his post, so we’ll need to wait for further details to emerge.

In another key design perspective, Ice Universe goes on to tweet that Samsung will continue to buck the trend and keep the headphone jack alive for both the S9 and its larger counterpart.

Snapdragon 845 CPU is Very Likely?

The Galaxy S8 was the first smartphone to sport the 10nm Snapdragon 835, and even secured exclusive rights for initial production batches that forced competitors like LG. This scenario may very well play out again with the release of the S9. The report also speaks that the upcoming Snapdragon 845 will be exclusive to Samsung upon its initial release.

Unfortunately, what’s disappointing is there are talks that Samsung will only offer 4GB of RAM to complement the S9’s top of the line processor. This was according to AndroidHeadlines:

“The Galaxy S9 will pack in 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, which is quite surprising considering that most rumors suggested that the phone will ship with 6GB of RAM on the inside.”

Photography Department

Cameras in 2018 flagships from Samsung, you may find a dual-lens setup. As per the reporting, the Galaxy S9 will adapt to feature a 16MP dial-rear camera module that’s capable of capturing an incredible 1,000 photos per second for its primary shooter, and also employ a pair of 12MP cameras for its selfie shooter.

While they go on to admit the fact especially given Samsung’s track record of attempting to one-up Apple at every turn. With the iPhone X and its advanced array of front-facing cameras and sensor currently grabbing all the spotlight, it’s logical to surmise that the S9 will up the ante and sports front-facing dual cameras for starters.

Advanced Facial Recognition vs Face ID

The speculations pertaining about the upcoming S9’s cameras will naturally pave the way of any advanced biometrics the new flagship might bring to the table. The titbits that have come to light suggesting that the S9 will feature an advanced facial recognition system that will be on ar with the iPhone X’s Face ID. If the rumors are to be believed, then the S9 will come standard with a 3D camera, with Pocket-Lint going further and claiming that:

“The Galaxy S9 front camera will be able to create a 3D depth-sensing map of your face to recognize it’s you. It also shouldn’t matter if you change your hairstyle or wear glasses for example and the camera may also be able to ‘see you’ in low-light conditions.”

Fingerprint Sensor: Rear-Mounted Likely

One of the biggest drawbacks with the S8 was its last-minute switch from a fingerprint sensor embedded inside the display to a more conventional external sensor that was relocated to the rear of the device. The change was well publicized and blamed on the technology not being perfected for mass consumption at all.

This hurdle has seemingly been solved by Qualcomm, though, and is reportedly set to make its way to smartphones in 2018. With its launch coinciding with the arrival of the Galaxy S9, it stands to reason that there’s a chance that Samsung will incorporate it into its flagship.

Recently, it has been reported that the S9 will still utilize a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner on the S9. This news comes from SamMobile, Samsung will likely forgo the use of a screen-embedded virtual sensor in favor of the tried-and-true physical sensor that will apparently be placed on the back below the rear camera.

For more information regarding the upcoming Galaxy S9, stay tuned with us. With 2018 fast approaching, be sure to check out often as we get more info about this premium-flagship phone from Samsung.


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