Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Apple iPhone X Drop Test [Durability Video]

Although Galaxy S9 does look a lot like its predecessor, nevertheless, has noticed plenty of differences between the two if you get a chance to use both devices. The latter has a thinner top and bottom bezels, and the curved edges have slightly less glass, to make room for more aluminum. When compared to a glass back, yes, glass still shatters.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Apple’s iPhone X are both made of glass. But again, the Galaxy S9 features a Series 7000 aluminum for its chassis, the iPhone X uses a stronger steel chassis. And of course, Galaxy S9 is more durable than its predecessor S8 as it features a thicker glass and its edges are slightly thicker as to better absorb shock.

Comparison between the two phones though, which one is more durable? After all, both phones make expensive use of glass which makes them very versatile by nature.

With people trying to work out just how well a device will stand up to the usual rigors of a day in the life of an average user. Then these things are going to get dropped. The folks over at EverythingApplePro decided to put both Galaxy S9, the hotness through its paces vs iPhone X.

Despite Samsung using a more durable aluminum on the Galaxy S9, it is simply nowhere near the durability of the stainless steel chassis of the iPhone X. The chassis on the Galaxy S9+ immediately shows scuffs and damage signs after being dropped from a height of around 3ft, while the iPhone X’s steel chassis holds up very well with no visible damage.


By comparison, Apple’s phone stands up rather well, showing no visible signs of damage. Even though, Samsung’s use of a more strong aluminum in this year’s Galaxy S model, it cannot compete with the rigidity afforded the iPhone X by its stainless steel chassis. Samsung using a thicker glass on the Galaxy S9 though, when put on a drop test, the handset’s rear glass panel was the first one to crack after it was dropped from around “head height.” The iPhone X followed the similar process as its rear glass broke when it fell on its side after a drop from the same height.

The front panel of both phones broke immediately after being dropped from around 6ft, which is not surprising given the amount of force they were subjected to after being dropped from such a height. The drop test between the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X doesn’t really reveal anything new.

With both the Galaxy S9+ and iPhone X made from glass, they were bound to crack after being dropped repeatedly. What’s interesting here is that the iPhone X’s stainless steel chassis is more durable than of the aluminum chassis used by Samsung on the Galaxy S9.

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(Source: EverythingApplePro [YouTube])

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