Galaxy X: Samsung’s Folding Phone Ready To Launch Vs iPhone X?

It looks like Samsung is gearing up to launch Galaxy X, a folding smartphone into the iPhone X competition. Here are the details you need to know about it.

Samsung, LG and some other manufacturers are said to have been working on mobile devices with bending displays. Recently, we heard that ZTE could have something in a similar manner coming October. Speaking about Samsung’s foldable smartphone, Galaxy X, might be the first of its kind coming out of the door. As it looks like one has just been certified in South Korea.

The news comes from LetsGoDigital, a tech site which claims that the National radio Research Agency (NRRA) of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has just approved the Samsung device.

The hardware believed to be called the Samsung Galaxy X. It houses model number SM-G888N0, with the “N0” portion reportedly assumes that it belongs to the Korean market.

On the certification page, SM-G888N0 is classed as “Equipment of radio equipment for LTE mobile communication”. This could be a number of things, but a gadget with the same model number was previously seen on the Wi-Fi Alliance as a “smartphone.” It also seems likely that this could relate to a phone or hybrid smartphone/tablet of some kind.

Otherwise, we got nothing else about the device from this news. But the certification suggests it’s going to be seen soon, at least in South Korea. Our insight will be at CES 2018 in Las Vegas and we’ll keep an eye on its passing through the US FCC in the coming weeks for a better idea of when it will be unveiled.

If the alleged device from Samsung does arrive in the near future, it would go head to head with Apple’s iPhone X. That product sits alongside the iPhone 8 series, as the Galaxy X may arrive along with the Galaxy S9 line. That too sporting a new take on the traditional iPhone formula.

It would be exciting to see such handsets compete against each other at the same time. As we already seen a few bezel-less devices released ahead of the iPhone X from major manufacturers, including Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. Samsung’s folding phone may be the most interesting for enthusiasts.

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