Samsung Gear VR Is Now Up For Pre-order In Europe – Costs €99.99

The consumer version of Samsung’s virtual reality headset after landing on US stores, headed to wards European region and following the trend has made Gear VR headset available to order in Europe. Pre-order gone live in Germany, where Samsung’s official website has the stock of the device, listed for with early December shipping.

Priced at €99.99, the Samsung Gear VR is showing up on the websites in Germany and the headset is also listed on the South Korean company’s Netherlands website copying the same price-tag.

The Gear VR is compatible with the latest Samsung smartphones, this included the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and the Edge+. Officially announced back in September this year.

You can also pre-order it in the U.S., from Best Buy, which os selling it for $99.99 with shipments beginning this Friday – November 20th, 2015. For UK customers, the new version is not listed as yet, as soon as we get some details on when it will launch in the United Kingdom we’ll let you know.


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